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Wednesday I hit the Star Bar during daylight hours, something usually
only reserved for Bubbapalooza, to catch the supposed 7:30 pre-movie show for We Three Kings. Around 8:30 things finally got going as "Elvis & Elvis Incorporated", a pair of bad Elvis impersonators, took the stage for a couple of numbers and some funny silliness before the movie, We Three Kings, started. The mockumentary is closer to Waiting for Guffman than Spinal Tap - the characters have no chance of hitting the big time and are more pitiful than humorous, but if you like that kind of humor then seek out this super low budget independent piece about a couple of awful Elvis impersonators struggling to hit the small time.

Degenerate MK sent us this note regarding our review of Attack of the Clones:

I agree with you on all issues. What a boring movie. The movie has absolutely no FEELING. I think Lucas is trying too hard. Sometimes trying to hard makes you loose site of what you are actually trying to show. He should have sat back and remembered what he did with the first three that made the story interesting, with the effects to give you the awe factor, instead of trying to tell the story through the effects. I also agree, that the computer generated effects just didn't pull off the "real look" as the puppets did. The light does not fall on yodas face right, or anything else computer generated. Even with the generated scenery, everything looked way too sparkly clear. That is not how things actually appear. There are actually things that your eyes or film doesn't pick up. I feel as if Lucas is a bit like an old musician. When he didn't have all the tools to make great music (or in this case movies), was a genius. But as soon as technology offers new instruments, he goes apeshit over finding them and playing with them. In the end he looses that rawness that just works. There is definite FEELING lost when you add in to much, and Lucas lost it. What happened to FEELING?
Degenerate MK

Degenerate RB sent is this missive regarding last
episode's Blasphemy:

A word to all the potential debaters out there.
Learn what that “F7” key does.
Degenerate “PK” was moving right along and I hit the word “rediculous”.
WTF? This is High School English folks. It’s “ridiculous”, with an “I”.
Now the point of this little rant? I flushed the rest of your diatribe down the bit bucket. Stopped reading then and there.
Why? Obviously, you can’t master the intricacies of using MicroSquish’s spellchecker, so why in the FUCK would I believe that you can put up an intelligent political argument? (And by the way DP, thanks for giving us the emails without a spellcheck. That way I can spot the morons easier. Keep up the good work!)
degenerate RB

Editor's response:
Uh… the “F7” key? Seriously, pardon my ignorance, but I don't know what you're talking about. Much of the conversion/formatting problems may be due to the editor as much, or more so, than the subscribers.
I'm on a Mac and I don't like rich text or HTML much, then I suck it into Word to do the ezine, then back into Eudora to send it out. It's a lousy system, but I'm too lazy to change.
As for spelling errors, crap, we don't even check our own shit and it's rife with errors. I realize it's often a distraction at best, but if you want a professional publication you're gonna have to pay professional prices or put up with advertisements.

Back to the debate, still in progress, here's degenerate JDP's counterattack regarding last episode:

>I'm not obsessed with the enemy. I was simply
debating JDP's "Old Boy
>Network" argument with the facts. Facts make an
arguement worthwhile.
>Flowery language is nice, but it holds no clout
against the truth.

Which argument were we having? You asserted that local politics of corruption was purely evil and of the political left, as if the right was not equally or arguably even more guilty? You missed the point entirely. There is a reason that many of those who subscribe to this list voted for Nader. We are sick and tired of corruption, of right-wing jingoistic demagogues and pseudo-liberal Old Boys waving their fists and flags while lining their pockets and telling us that six-percent unemployment is a good thing because it keeps wage inflation down (Alan Greenspan). Has anyone debated your assertions? I don't think so. Would you have scored well in reading comprehension on the new Gateway Tests, published by McGraw-Hill, who lavished campaign contributions to get testing accepted as an alternative to teaching?

> Out of curiosity, if all of your facts are
correct, and so blatantly
> obvious, why have not the feds indicted the
entire Murphy conspiracy?
>Payola from the Left perhaps?

The left is paying off the FBI? Have you had your psyche evaluated lately? Louis Freeh? The man who was in Opus Dei, the same conservative Catholic organization as both the Big Bushes and half of their administrations, which was the root of many of their old boy connections, who got right dern offended when Bush Baby was going to speak at Bob Jones U? Stay off the crack!

> Your friend, BOB BARR Congressman
>And yes... I totally agree. Bob Barr is completely

So, having conservative feelings does not automatically make you a Barr lap-dog. Have you gotten the point yet?

 >No doubt his Cuban meetings will result in something similar to his 1979
>blunder in which 66 Americans were taken hostage in Iran, or perhaps his
>brother Billy will receive a $250,000 check from the government of Cuba like
>he did from Lybia back in the 70's.

It was Eisenhower (Allen Dulles, particularly) who overthrew Mohammed Mosadegh, the democratically elected leader of Iran in 1954 or 56 (can't remember the exact year) because he was threatening to nationalize the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company's fields at Abadan. They placed Shah Pahlavi (this is off the top of my head, can't remember his full name) in power (the same Shah to whom we gave sanctuary when the revolution started, which is what precipitated the hostage crisis). In 1941, Allied forces invaded Iran and imposed an agreement that gave western oil companies 80% interest in the oil fields and 20% to the Iranians. The blunders began long before the Iranian Revolution and Carter's involvement. Billy Carter arranged his loans personally (not through the State Department) and was forced to repay them. He did not go on to become president. It would take 20 years before a bumbling retard would ride the coattails of his relatives into that high position. How does taking mega-contributions from Enron stack against that when Enron went on to manufacture an energy crisis in California while the Administration refused to intervene? Wanna talk corruption? Wanna revisit Teapot Dome?
Learn more about what's been going on in Cuba:

In 1980, Castro used comments made by Carter as
a pretext for
>clearing out prisons
>and mental wards and sending 125,000 unwanted
Cubans to the United States.

The Reagan Administration cut federal funding for mental health institutes in the early eighties, causing thousands of patients to be discharged from institutions because his ideology (or schizophrenia) told him that they should be cared for by their families or by charitable organizations, and not by taxing him or his wealthy friends. Which is worse? Accepting questionable refugees or throwing our own out onto the streets?

>What is Castro going to do next with Carter's
commitment to bumblesy?

Can he do worse than the conservative Helms-Burton

>"There is an old Vulcan proverb: 'only Nixon could
go to China.'"
>Spock, from Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

If anyone other than Nixon had gone to China, Nixon would have called them a communist.
degenerate JDP

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