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A lot of things got neglected last episode in my anti-jazz rant, like a bit of Blasphemy from degenerate JDP:

To throw some light on the Measles question (which is a thoroughly
preventable disease, and wherein lies the tragedy), here are a couple
direct links to the WHO:
For information overload, search the site for "measles".

>>>>>>Oh, yeah, I must admit that I was intrigued with your recent
>>>>>>assertion that Neal Boortz "owes his job" to nepotism. I
>>>>>>assume you mean his current job? What is that about? I find
>>>>>>that interesting....please enlighten me. degenerate GG

I referred to his current job. I've been trying to find some documentary evidence, but as of this writing, I cannot, so do not take me at my word, but the connections that landed Boortz on WSB were pure Old Boy Network. Though not heinous in and of itself (most jobs are landed through contacts of one sort or another), the irony arises when it is viewed in the context of his own political philosophy and double-standard (and not to fully equate the apple of affirmative action with the kumquat of networking -- there is a clear line separating the two: one seeks to extend privilege to those outside of a clique, and the other seeks to preserve it within its own ranks). Not wishing to pull a McKinney myself, I will say no more until I can find something to support it. If I find any physical evidence, I'll send a link to the DP Editor. Please feel free (anyone interested) to investigate the links between Boortz, the like-minded Ludlow Porch, and several others prior to his elevation to the poster child for individualism (or "objectivism", if "greed-head" offends anyone).
Of course, where entertainment is concerned, can there ever truly be favoritism when one factor clearly taps a deeper gold mine than others would in the same circumstance? A talk show that espoused and encouraged rational debate and solutions to pressing problems would likely not make people mad enough to listen in or contribute to their local PBS station.
Degenerate JDP

An Ear Plugs report was omitted by degenerate DS:
It was great to finally meet you in person at the JSBX show. Great review on it too... you nailed another one. What a fun show, but I'd prefer to see them at the more spacious Variety next time.
Don't know what Jon Spencer's gear was, but that tone cut through the mix like a SAWZALL. ha ha, Hell, it might have BEEN a Sawzall.
I could recognize the funky vintage Kustom 100 amp heads, but I have no idea on the cabinet or those guitars he played.
Maybe a Vox cab and old Teisco guitars or something. Incredible, never heard anything like it. Too cool.
Hopefully Judah Bauer will come around soon with his band. Here's a snippet from the Fat Possum Records newsletter:
"On May 7 the new album from 20 Miles comes out, and this is the finest record yet from Judah Bauer. Forget what you know about the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion and all of that; this is just cool rock n roll from Judah Bauer who plays great guitar, writes great songs, and has made a damn fine album. Recorded almost entirely in his home studio in NYC, "Keep It Coming..." sounds simultaneously big and intimate. Check it out for yourself with a brand new MP3 of the song "Silver String" from the album by clicking right about here: and if you are so inclined you will be able to pick it up in stores Tuesday May 7 - or you can get a copy from our website mail order behemoth. Judah will also be touring 20 Miles near the end of May and June - check out his tourdates on the websites"
See 'ya around

Here's some response to last episode:
You have never been more right (ahem, correct) in your life.....Jazz sucks.
I like most any music, but I've never been able to make myself listen to or enjoy Jazz. My two year old son sounded better this morning (7:00am) blowing incessentantly on his harmonica.
degenerate CM

Thanks for pulling that Kids In The Hall monologue.
I thought I was alone.
And fuckin' twelve bucks to get into Smith's? Dang.
Degenerate SS

Nice take on music midtown and jazz, nailed it on both of them.
You left out bullying security and standing in a porta potty line for an 1 1/2 to pee or whatever. Yea, I wanna drop a couple of twenties on a ticket to be pushed around by moonlighting off duty
I saw a guy and his wife lose their passes cause she was "about to drop pregnant" and she went in a porta potty that no one was using.
However it was for "volunteers" only. End of concert for you!
I love zero tolerance rules. "We don't trust you to think, so just act."
I thought rational thought was what separated us from the rest of the animal kingdom?
Anyhoo, that was my last Music Midtown, a good idea at first that turned bad fast.
Degenerate DD

Amen, jazz sucks.
Degenerate AM

Editor's response:
Wow. I figured all the jazz aficionados out there would tear into me like a pack of clove cigarettes, but all I got was agreement. C'mon,
I know there are some goatee-sportin' beret-wearin' pipe-smokin' Music Theory degree-holdin' jazz heads out there! I just peed in your corner, whatcha gonna do about it?

And now for something completely different:
If you missed "Free Comic Book Day" last Saturday, AKA "Yet More
Spiderman Propaganda Day", head over to our newest online effort,
degenerate RVI's Loser Comix:
He's hoping to add a new chapter to his work Day Zero about once a month, as well as the occasional illustrated version of Degeneration
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