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For the extraordinary individual who wants more than a job, this is a unique career--a way of life that will challenge the deepest resources of your intelligence, self-reliance and responsibility. It demands an adventurous spirit, a forceful personality, superior intellectual ability, toughness of mind, and a high degree of personal integrity, courage, and love of country. You will need to deal with fast-moving, ambiguous, and unstructured situations that will test your resourcefulness to the utmost. This is the Clandestine Service of the CIA. We are the cutting edge of American intelligence, an elite corps providing the vital information needed by our policy makers to address the national security interests of the American people. We face new challenges every day, in a world filled with increasingly complex issues. Ours is a mission like no other."

Job Responsibilities:
Must be motivated self-starter able to find own funding. Competitive
environment requires person able to ignore distractions, such as other US agencies or branches of government.
Job Duties:
Overthrow foreign democracies in the name of corporate welfare.
Assassinate elected leaders in the name of freedom.
Spread world peace by providing arms and military training.
Defend the constitution of the US by ignoring it.

Meanwhile, we got this response to several episodes
from degenerate RVI:
For Degenerate PK and others (but especially for PK) - I have read, like all here, the conversation between yourself and Degenerate DP concerning matters political, and being a creature often moved to words by what I read, the quotation of the Preamble of the Libertarian Party of Georgia appearing rudely across my screen has provoked me to arise from my dogmatic slumbers and make a pass at locating libertarianism exactly where I think it belongs - somewhere in the vicinity of Hell. However, this is not the arena for such an effort, so go to and read the essay entitled "Libertarianism: Slavery By Any Other Name." Go, that is, if you have the stomach for a real fight. And while you're there, after that essay leaves you with ears bleeding, read two others below it: "Revolution?" and "Culture, Science, Inauthenticity." There are ideas presented that apply to this notion of libertarianism just as well as in the larger essay and perhaps more succinctly. Awaiting your horror,
Degenerate RVI

At 7:30 AM I'm up watching TV, not something I would ever do except it's the US vs. Poland in World Cup Soccer. The US only has to tie last place Poland. Elvis impersonators in the stands amongst Sam's Army, but the Koreans in the crowd are pushing for Poland because it would push Korea further up in the point standings, and send home the US team who has become a symbol of what the Koreas view as an unfair call back at the Winter Olympic games. Less than three minutes into the game Poland scores. The US comes back and puts one in, only to have the ref call it back for a bogus foul. The Polish counterattack scores immediately and it's looking like the US is going to be pushed out of the tournament. Meanwhile, in the same group it's South Korea playing Portugal up the road. If the game ends in a tie both teams advance because of the standings, assuming the US loses. It looks like both teams are playing for a tie, neither one doing much. Back at the US game I just missed yet another Polish goal. What the hell? This game is in the shitter. But if South Korea can step up and beat Portugal the US is through to the next round, so I switch over to that game an three seconds later one of those scrappy Koreans is juggling the ball around the Portuguese defense and sticks it between the keeper's legs and into the net. If that score holds, Portugal goes home and US advances. No hope in the US/Poland game so I watch as Portugal commits suicide, fouling so often they're 2 men down. But still one of the best teams in the world, coming back to bounce the ball off the goal post but a hair too wide and Korea manages yet another upset, opening the door for the US to advance to the next round! Back in the US game, the US scored once, ending the game 3-1 with Poland victorious, but still going home. Holy crap, what a tournament! Half of the top 10 teams in the world have been sent home by underdogs. The US advances even after their worst game of the playoffs, now to battle Mexico on Monday at 2:25 AM. Complete World Cup TV schedule online at

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