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The problem with a 2:30 AM game is that I could waste the whole following day by staying up all night to see it, only to enjoy it less because of the bleary eyed state, or I can tape it and risk hearing the outcome of the game before I get a chance to see it myself. Last night I chose to tape the game, avoiding all television and new emails this morning until I could sit down and watch the US take on Mexico, long time rivals. Mexico has been playing really well, not losing a single game, but now it's the second round where it's all about single elimination play - lose and go home, win and move on. 8 minutes into the game the US is looking ok. Mexico is dominating possession, but not getting anywhere when the US counterattacks and Josh Wolf, a Georgia boy, passes the ball across to McBride who pounds it into the net. The US gets away with a bad call by the ref, avoiding a penalty kick that may have tied the game, and things continue to get more physical as each team racks up yellow cards. But Mexico still controls the game, pressuring the US in their half the field non-stop. But the US counterattack comes again when Donovan, probably the smallest player on the US team, if not in the entire tournament, receives a beautiful pass from Lewis and heads it into the edge of the net to push the US up 2-0. The Mexican team slowly crumbles, racking up the penalties until they're down a man and the US fans are chanting "Na na na na hey hey hey goodbye." A few extra minutes of stoppage time goes by without a Mexican threat and for the first time since 1930 the US is in the World Cup quarterfinals!
Never thought I'd see the day.
So it's on to play Germany, three time world champs and always a powerhouse of play, this Friday at 7:25 AM.
Yesterday I watched the rerun of Ireland vs. Spain. I was pulling for Ireland because of all the lovely Irish lasses and lads I'd met a couple of years back, coincidentally in Spain. The Irish were down 1-0 for most of the game, but they'd come back in the last 5 minutes to win or tie three previous games in this world cup alone. They finally did come back to tie it up but couldn't follow through even in two overtimes so the game had to go to a penalty kick shootout which Spain won on the final shot. Incredible game and Ireland did well to get as far as they did, but I was sad to see them sent home. I'll raise a pint for them!

Sunday it was the monthly Mondo Movie Night at Starlight Drive In. We arrived early enough to get decent spots and chat with the regulars before settling in for Homicidal, a weird old slasher flick that just keeps getting weirder the longer you watch until the movie stops and gives you a 45 second head start if you'd like to leave the theater before it gets too horrifying. In the end there's a freaky plot twist you probably won't see coming, but I can't tell you about it because, according to the narrator, "Don't tell your friends or they'll kill you. If they don't, I will!" Regardless of such murderous threats, the film has many hilarious moments.
Meanwhile, in other movie news, "Screen on the Green, Atlanta's new signature summer festival, returns in 2002 for its third year with some of the best-loved classic flicks playing under the night sky in Piedmont Park. Films will begin at sundown each Tuesday starting June 4 on the softball fields at Piedmont Park. Enter at the Piedmont/13th and 14th Streets entrance." Coming this Tuesday, June 18, it's Blackboard Jungle, "Searing, yet hopeful drama of turmoil at an inner city school is based on Evan Hunter's groundbreaking novel. A dedicated teacher (Glenn Ford) tries to make a difference with his rebellious students. The younger generation is glowingly represented by Vic Morrow and Sidney Poitier. Film scored four Oscar nominations and set a precedent for use of rock & roll music. Bill Haley's "Rock Around The Clock," heard during the opening credits, caused riots in theaters, before zooming to the top of the pop charts. (1955)"
And the Dahlonega International Film Fest returns with a mess o'
movies June 27 - 30. for details.

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