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We saw a matinee of Road to Perdition, the new Tom Hanks/Paul Newman film about a gangster hit man in 1931 and his struggles to balance his job with his family. Eventually the struggle of job vs. family becomes more than a personal metaphor and Hanks has to deal with the consequences of his life. It's more drama than thriller, though there are a few gripping sequences. It's predictable, which is unfortunate because you hold out hope that the character won't do what you know he will, but it's well shot, well acted, and worth seeing.
The rest of the weekend seemed all but dead. The foggy chill in the air must've kept everyone home or something. We went from place to place and found them all more than half empty, but fortunately with our band of degenerates it doesn't matter much. We could amuse eachother at a baseball game! So if someone saw a good show, or even a bad one, send us a report 'cause we were too busy laughing it up amongst ourselves.

Got this from degenerate BS in response to last episode:
Man, I was wondering if anyone else say the double standard vis-a-vis Enron
vs. WorldCom. It still pains me that people associate Clinton with lying,
but Bush gets off scot-free, because, what, he's a dufus? Because he's a
bible thumper? Because he's fighting the war on terrorism? Geez, let's be
honest - Even Ralph Nader would have bombed the shit out of the Taliban
after 9/11 - a drunk monkey with a stick could rally the troops for that
one. It is what we call a "no brainer", which is probably why Bush is so
good at it.
It is days like this that I really miss Bill Mahar's Politically Incorrect
show - say what you will about him, but he could smell a hypocrite a mile
away, and would call them out. No one else had the balls to say that all
the post-9/11 bullshit (the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act) was an attack on OUR freedom
just as menacing as the Terrorists. It probably cost him his show, but I
admire anyone who puts principles in front of personal gain.
Speaking of my hero, he's coming to Atlanta in October - October 25th at
Robert Ferst Center in Atlanta, Georgia. For more tickets and information
call 404-894-9600.
I'll be there for sure!
Degenerate BS

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