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Our illustrated trip to Tupelo, Memphis, Graceland and all things Elvis is online and definitely worth a look:

If you're interested in some spirited political debate check out the sparring going on right now on the Degenerate Press Blasphemy boards:
Degenerate PK has been asking for volunteers to challenge him on AM radio, and RVI asks that someone take up the task.
In other news, we got this from degenerate SAC:
Enter name, birthday, and county to display Voter registration status, Districts, Representatives, when/where last voted, and map to polls.
Coolish but scary.

By now I'm sure you've seen/heard/read that the US lost against Germany, getting farther than we've ever gotten and playing better in that match than I've ever seen a US team. Apparently its degenerate CMs fault:
I would like to apologize for the US loss today to Germany.....I have
avoided watching any of the play up to today as I have a severe 'jinx
effect' on teams I root for....and I just couldn't stay away....I flipped on
the TV about 15 seconds prior to Germany scoring their point....I tried to
change the channel before Germany could score, but I wasn't fast enough. I
just know it's my fault.
For much of the game I thought the US was going to win it and I was reminded of a conversation between two announcers from an earlier game:
"Germany not looking good this tournament."
"No, but when have you ever seen a German team that looks good? What's important is they get the job done."
Germany took on South Korea in that sea of red, chanting fans and banging drums, and didn't look good. South Korea looked great, playing the best I've seen them play this tournament but fell just like the US, 1-0. Both teams played strong defense and fast counter-attack styles, making it a very exciting match but Germany's goal keeper, Kahn, is a fucking god. Every shot on goal seems to go right into his arms, not because they're bad shots but because he just knows where to be. Even when he has to leap for them he seems to stop them every time and rolls to his feet as if it were effortless. I could enjoy watching him if he hadn't stopped my two favorite teams in the tournament. He's allowed one goal in five games
I hadn't watched a single game with Turkey playing, mostly coincidentally but partially because I didn't think they'd be worth watching. Next thing I know they're playing vs. Brazil for a chance to get into the championship match. I didn't bother taping it because I figured Brazil would stomp them. I had a dream the night before that Turkey had beaten them so when I got up and turned on the TV during the half and found the score 0-0 I thought maybe I should've been paying more attention to Turkey, maybe my dream was a precognition. But Brazil have been in every World Cup finals tournament ever and within minutes of the start of the second half you see why. Ronaldo, a player with 9 goals in world cup play, slips between four defenders and past the keeper to put Brazil up 1-0 and add a 10th notch in his own belt. Turkey played well and tried valiantly but Brazil is just too smooth to hold on to.
So it's Germany vs. Brazil, two teams that have consistently been in the World Cup finals but have never met face to face for the championship, June 30.

We caught Minority Report while in Memphis, Stephen Spielberg's sci-fi film starring Tom Cruise. It's a bit too long, and bit too slow, and a bit too predictable. The effects are nice - rarely to you notice how much CGI is in the film, an accomplishment Lucas couldn't match, but the story is handled poorly in other respects. You care little about the main character and halfway through the film you figure out who the bad guy is, you're just waiting to see how he did what he did and what Tom is going to do about it. Not worth the price of admission.
Tonight were going to see Scooby Doo at the Drive In. Yeah, weve heard bad things too but were going anyhow. I grew up with Scooby and though he is viewed as a powerful tool by Time Warner/Turner, I still have a soft spot for him. Besides, were going as Shaggy and Velma! So if youre bored tonight hit the Starlight Drive In!

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