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Tuesday we hit the drive in, despite thunderstorms wandering around Atlanta, for the latest installment in Casino Royale ripoffs, Ausin Powers 3, Goldmember. I have to start off by saying the Bond genre is not something that needs to be spoofed. Bond never does anything without at least a hint of a smile. But if you want a spoof, check out Casino Royale, or even better the Our Man Flint series. They manage to satirize the whole genre without sinking to endless dick and boob jokes.
That said, Austin 3.0 is hilarious. It takes the endless dick and boob jokes to the limit and though it drags a bit towards the end, when they actually focus on the story, I haven't laughed this many times in a single film in a long time. So, though I can't say "nobody does it better", Myers definitely does it well. Yet again, Dr. Evil steals the movie, though I think the cameos by the likes of Tom Cruise and Danny Devito got the loudest laughs.
I find it odd that various critics are saying they don't want kids exposed to this potty humor, yet there is not one exposed breast, not one exposed gold member, and only a sparse few moments of mild, cartoonish violence. Even the F word is bleeped out (as a joke) so to those who say this is too much for kids these days - lighten the fuck up. What do you think your kids talk about when you're not around? Only in puritanical cultural backwaters like America do people get their panties in a wad when their kids are exposed to mild sexual content, yet donít bat an eye as they buy their kids video games in which they get to simulate hundreds of murders in gory detail.

Thanks to degenerate JH, we got free tickets to Los Lobos last night. I think thatís the first time in the 9 years of DP efforts in which we constantly ask for free tix that itís actually worked. Thanks, JH!
The opening act, Quetzal, was on stage when we arrived, doing music that had an interesting mix of traditional Latin beats and instruments with a splash of modern sound. Excellent stuff and I wish weíd caught their full set.
During the break we found seats in the balcony. The Roxy is a nice venue in general, so itís too bad itís in Buckhead. Thursday it wasnít sold out, which meant you actually had room to breathe. And they only allow smoking out on the patio, which made breathing even easier.
Los Lobos took the stage to loud cheers. There are some absolutely fanatical followers of the band, but our gang fit in better with the more casual crowd toward the back. The sound was a bit muffled downstairs, and up in the balcony you flinched every time one of the guitars hit a high note because of the direction of the speakers. And it was obvious they had a new lighting guy because spotlights would appear on someone halfway through their solo and the lighting as a whole was more of an annoying distraction than an addition to the show. But those issues aside, it was a fine show. Theyíve been around long enough and have such a diverse collection of music to draw from that youíre sure to enjoy at least part of the show. They swing from rock to blues to traditional Mariachi and Ranchero music with ease, though it takes them a few minutes between each to change instruments.
Definitely worth the price of admission!

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