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Due to the stormy weather, we didn't get out at all this weekend. But hey, it gave us time to get our Back-to-childhood Halloween party invites done!
October 26th, Saturday, it's the official Degenerate Press Halloween / Frederick's birthday / Frederick's got a job / check out our new bar PARTY!
As usual with our Hallowed events, it is a costume affair so start thinking ahead for a Return To Childhood theme costume! We don't care if it's a cartoon character, a political figure from your youth, that swell Member's Only jacket you just couldn't bear to part with, or if you just show up in your jammyjams, just don't bring any actual children for this childish event.
But bring adults, and lots of 'em, 'cause we're always looking to expand our circle of friends!
We'll have booze, though our stockpiles aren't what they were before a year of unemployment, and we'll have food, so just bring yourself and friends with smiles and costumes!
If you want a paper invite, send me your address! Yeah, I SHOULD have it but I lost it. The cat ate it. You moved. I moved. Whatever, just email me the damn thing, you slacker.

I was doing some updates to the Ear Plugs web site and stumbled across our entries for various Smoke and Benjamin shows and efforts. A couple of years back the cellist from Smoke, Brian Holloran, said he was working on a "Benjamin Remembered" CD with previously unreleased material. Brian has since moved out of town so I emailed him to ask the status of the project and this is his reply:
i hit a motivation block, as well as a financial one. I'll let you know when
that changes,
thanks for caring,

On other fronts, I was worried - last week's Loafing didn't have a mention of OutKast on the front page of the Vibes section! But don't fret, they're back this week in the opening paragraph. Phew!

This Sunday's ACJ actually has a few commentaries in the @Issue section that aren't pro-Bush pro-hate pro-war pro-oil. I'm finding more and more media outlets that are questioning the President's "war on terror" and exposing it for the political "war to distraction" that it is. No, I don't think that will do a damn thing, any more than public opinion did in stopping congress from wasting millions of dollars and hours on Clinton's sex life. But hey, at least I'm not the only questioning voice out there. Now if only they wouldn't relegate this stuff to the editorial section, implying it's not newsworthy...

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