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We got this from degenerate PK:
Hello friends,
A happy Veterans Day to you! I hope you all have reflected and
remembered the hard working people who have helped, and are helping
to secure freedom in our country.
Tom Hughes (the morning news guy on WGST) found a Creative Loafing
article I wrote back in March 2000 about the proposed Atlanta City
Ordinances #00-0-0185 and #00-0-0186 regarding closing bars at 2am
due to the Ray Lewis shootings.
Do you remember the Lewis shootings? A little background... Ray Lewis
(a Baltimore Ravens linebacker) and two others were charged with
murder, felony murder and aggravated assault in the Jan. 31 2000
deaths of Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar, who were stabbed outside
a post-Super Bowl party in Atlanta's Buckhead entertainment district.
The City Council believes that due to last night's shootings:> (see the cover story) and
past violence in Buckhead (a nightlife capital in Atlanta), that all
of Atlanta's clubs, venues and bars should now close earlier instead
of 4am to help cut down on the amount of violence.
I disagree.
If you feel like getting up a little early and are interested in the
topic, tune in to WGST, 640am tomorrow morning at 7:05am to hear my
opinionated spew. If you're outside of Atlanta, go here: to listen live online.

We got this from degenerate RB:

On Nov. 14, a Gram Parsons tribute/benefit will be held at Jake's
Toadhouse in Decatur GA. The tribute is in remembrance of Gram's
birthday (Nov. 5) and the benefit is for Miss Helen Lamar, the lovely
door person at Variety Playhouse who has had some catastrophic health
problems this year, and needs some financial support. All proceeds
will go to her continued care. The admission fee is $7 advance, $10
at the door. Showtime is 10PM sharp.
We will have a hotshot band consisting of members of Slim Chance &
the Convicts, and featuring Bill Fleming on pedal steel. We will be
playing all GP related music, including Gram songs, Byrds songs that
Gram played on, Flying Burrito Brothers songs, or any of the many
country classics Gram covered. A slew of wonderful guest vocalists
and acts are commited to perform, including Sonoramic Commando, Jon
Byrd, No River City, Richard Bicknell, Anna Kramer, Buck Buckley and
Patrice Eastham, Johnny & Angie Mosier, and other local Atlanta Alt.
country, Americana, and Redneck Underground performers. After the
Gram tribute, the stage will be open for all the performers to jam
and play some of their own wonderful music. There is no telling what
sort of musical magic might happen. It's gonna be a blast.

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