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We updated Windows XP so we should have fewer security flaws, updated some drivers so we should have a functioning, though old, CD burner, and generally cleaned up some of the mess you get when you move from Mac to PC.
Next we just need to install a mess of software, a power cable for an HP Deskjet 692C (anyone got one handy or know where I can get one?!?) and a reliable modem and we’ll be up to date, circa 1998!
Since we had to clean off the old machine and move everything over to the new one, we were motivated to do a few of the lingering things on ancient To Do lists.
If you were searching for lost episodes of Electric Degeneration, we finally posted almost every episode back to November 1995:
If you found our online novella, Ancient Rome, The Italian Renaissance, and Postmodern Love, a littley tricky to read, we've done a huge layout revision:
We also got a response to our switch:

wow, you moved to Windows after all these years? i can't believe it.
while you're at it, why don't you clear all that crap off your PC, install
Linux, and start using Pine! maybe that's extreme for the DP right now --
but seriously, sending out all your degeneration via M$
Outlook?! boo. something ain't right about that.
(course, i'm using Qualcomm Eudora as my MUA, so what can i say...)
as always,
 dgen "i've-been-corrupted/converted-by-daniel-'bugs'-gillmor" AH

Editor’s response:
Sorry, I got too many apps that I need to keep the Degenerate Presses rolling to go with an underdog. If price weren’t an issue, I’d stick with Mac a while longer but...

If you live in Atlanta, you probably know about the Atlanta City Council debates on closing bars at 2 AM.
The Atlanta City Council Has rescinded the ability for bars that do not serve food from serving alcohol on Sundays in conjunction with State Law. Now they are trying to shorten the hours that bars and restaurants can sell alcohol citywide. You now can drink until 4:00 am, soon that may be rolled back to 2:00 am. This will be detrimental to your favorite bars and restaurants, as many will not survive this restriction. It is time for you to speak out as one of our valued patrons. Stand up for your rights, by voicing your opposition. This affects the ENTIRE City of Atlanta not just the problematic Buckhead Village. Your help is greatly needed. Call and e-mail all the council members and pass this list on to your friends. The council members are basing their votes on the feedback of their constituents!!! We acknowledge there is a problem in Buckhead, but punishing the rest of Atlanta for the failings of a small part of our population is not the way. There are many ways to handle their situation, infringing on your rights is not it. We must stop this short sighted and dangerous change from occurring. Please remember that your taxes will be raised significantly to make up for lost revenue provided to the city by bar owners. In order to address problems like the increase of police forces and the issue of rebuilding or fixing our sewer system, the city needs every penny it can get. An estimated $180 million dollars will be lost per year if the city passes a 2:00 closing law.
Thank You
Your Waitress
Your Waiter
Your Entertainer
Your Bartender
Your Restaurant or Tavern Owner
Your fellow Patron

Safety Committee
District 3 - Howard Shook (404) 330-6050
District 3 - Ivory Lee Young Jr. (404) 330-6046
District 4 - Cleta Winslow (404) 330-6047
District 5 - Natalyn Archibong (404) 330-6048
District 6 - Ann Fauver (404) 330-6049
Vice Chair
. Co-Sponsor of paper for change of hours
District 10 - C.T. Martin (404) 330-6055
Council Members at Large
Post 1 - Ceasar Mitchell (404) 330-6052
. Sponsor of paper for change of hours
Post 2 - Mary Norwood (404) 330-6302
Post 3 - Lamar Willis (404) 330-6041
If you're like us and have no idea who yer city council representative is, you can find out here:

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