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Thanksgiving events, like Brass Castle, Modey Lemon, Catfight!, and The Nightporters:
And the big Star Bar Toys for Tots benefit, quickly slapped together with poor writing but packed full of purty pictures:
Sorry I ain’t got the usual prose going, too little free time at work and too much fun time away from it.

We also got this from EE of Alastor:
It is with great relief and excitement that I announce the formal end of Alastor. For the past six years, I have greatly enjoyed hearing various mispronunciations, cringing at misspellings and patiently trying to explain to people what it means and that, no, we are not devil worshippers (not usually, that is).
As you know, this band has changed. A lot. My drive and insanity, however, have only grown. My new partnership with Sixthman Management and the addition of three amazing new band members – Chris Skogen on guitar, James Salter on bass and Kent Aberle on drums – have left the old Alastor in the dust. This new band looks and sounds more like Hole or The Distillers, with some Pixies and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club thrown in for good measure. Those of you who saw Alastor four years ago know that’s not what you witnessed at all.
From this point forward, my band shall be known as The Swear. And to those of you that scoff at “the” band trend, please shut the hell up. Good names are hard to come by and I don’t want to hear any shit about it. Ever heard of The Smiths, The Rolling Stones, The The, The Clash or The Pixies? I thought so.
A new website ( and e-mail service are forthcoming.
Please welcome The Swear into the world on New Year’s Eve:
The Swear
opening for Concrete Blonde
Wednesday, December 31
The Masquerade (895 North Avenue, Atlanta)
Doors at 8:00 p.m., The Swear at 9:00 p.m.
Tickets available at
Special thanks in this decision-making process go out to my new mattress Gibraltar, my Christmas tree Horatio, Bain Mattox, the Twilight Singers, enemies in South London and the freakishly-dressed Claire Ashton.
Feel free to contact me at this e-mail or at with your arguments, complaints, now too-late “better” band name suggestions or simple congratulations.
Elizabeth Elkins
The Swear (formerly Alastor)

Saw Return of the King. Worth seeing, don’t wait for video you pussy, just go. Long, but it doesn’t feel like it until the very last few minutes. No need to say more ‘cause you’re gonna see it or not, no matter what I say.

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