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So here it is, the most wonderful time of the year – almost New Year’s Eve! We may not get around to another broadcast before next year so here’s a few thoughts on the rapidly dwindling 2003, the 10th year of Degenerate Press publications.
We lost a couple members of the extended family this year, Scott “Rip Thrillby” Rogers and George “Montague” Holton, both gone long before they were ready to go. They are missed.
The US overthrew Saddam Hussein, one nasty S.O.B. who needed ousting, though we had to do it on false pretenses and for less than egalitarian reasons. Saddam’s capture almost assures us 4 more years of Bush lies.
On the up side, your editor was fully employed all year, a rarity with a Bush in office. This afforded us a few adventures this year, mostly on the left coast with trips to San Fran, Hollywood, and San Diego, but we were saving the big international adventure for the end of the year so we’ll kick things off in 2004 with a report on Amsterdam!

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