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It occurred to me that should the Degenerate Press staff go down in a plane crash, almost everyone to whom Iíve willed my possessions in the past would be going down with us (final count of DPíers going is 9!) I have a perfectly rational fear of flying, so should we all be killed hereís instructions on what to do with the collection of detritus that is the DP HQ:
If you hear about a plan crash between now and then on a Delta flight to/from Amsterdam and donít hear from us for a week after Jan. 5, assume the worst. Send out an email to [deleted] and itíll reach everyone. (Anyone using this address for any other purpose will be removed from our subscriber list and weíll change the alias immediately. I donít want the headaches we had a few years back when former degenerate AA used the list for his own purposes!)
Degenerate JM across the street is watching the place while weíre gone so he has a key and is feeding the animals. I donít know what to do about our beasts so someone just step up and take the damn things.
Degenerate DN should probably be the one to clean off the DP machine and save whatever efforts are worthy of saving.
I donít know what SW has to say about it, but our music collection should probably be split between her sister and degenerates CD and RVI.
Much of the art around the house is RVIís anyhow so let him loot at will. I canít imagine anyone sharing our furniture or decorating tastes, but feel free to ask whomever takes charge if you can have something.
There are boxes and boxes of photos, mostly an unorganized mess. Mine go to my family, SWís go to hers. There are a few boxes of band photos. Degenerate GN gets those to do with as he wishes.
Whatever is left over should go to Salvation Army or other local non-profit organization(s).
Should our bodies be recovered, SW wants to be cremated. Iíll need someone brave enough to break the law and handle a body (DN & RVI come to mind) to haul me down to the river and bury me there, no box, no chemical preservative crap, just a hole deep enough to keep the animals from pulling me lose and causing a stir.
I think thatís it! No, Iím not hoping this happens, but I may as well prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
In more cheerful subjects, most media outlets are doing their year in review look back stuff the last couple of weeks, but you could look back over the year of DP efforts at or even further at
Instead, letís look ahead!
In January, assuming the aforementioned plane crash doesnít happen, youíll be getting our full report on Amsterdam. If that ainít something to look forward to, youíre on the wrong mailing list!
February brings Valentineís Day, not always our favorite day of the year but Iíve seen a couple of burlesque shows listed for 2004 so even if you donít have that special someone, you can ogle something special.
Sometime in March or April (I need to look it up) is Fantasm. They have finally confirmed a hotel and plans are beginning to gel.
We intend to do more camping and wandering this year, perhaps a return trip to Texas and other points West.
By summer, it might have been long enough so that weíve forgotten why we donít thrown many parties these days and get motivated to throw another.
Sometime in there, yours truly will have to find another job, perhaps even another career. Iím helping to install the very system that automates me out of existence and Iím tired of this field, so stay tuned for misadventures in the job-hunting world (again.)
In the fall, we have another election to dread. I predict Bush will win in a landslide against whomever the Democrats can muster. Degenerate KH had this response to last episodeís mention of this:

From Long time fan. Bush lies.....andand just think the Clinton/Gore ticket oh they were wonderfull honest people Ha Ha Ha... The only lie is to yourself...oh let's elect Howeard there is something to laugh about that guy is a pussy..

For starters, there was no mention of Dean in that missive. Nor did I ever say Clinton/Gore were honest people. Iíve said many times no candidate can be honest and win the presidential election in this country, or almost any other election for that matter. Americans have no interest in the truth, otherwise Bush and Cheney would be swinging from a tree somewhere.
There are people I would choose over Bush. (Pretty much anyone on any street corner, for exampleÖ) but weíll save that for another episode.
And that brings us around to next winter, which is too far away for us to consider at the moment.
Hopefully in there, we as a people will win the lotto or at least have tolerable jobs, party hardy or at least get out once a week, and get all the love we want or at least get laid once in a while. So while youíre counting down to the new year, know that we are counting down with you (just a few thousand miles away and 7 hours earlier.)
Happy New Year!

We caught Cold Mountain on Consumass day. SW enjoyed it, and I thought it was well acted, fairly well directed, and pretty. You should definitely see it if you like melodramatic period pieces.
I donít.
Probably the biggest reason I donít enjoy these films is the version of romance portrayed in this type of film. Two people share a few words once or twice and weíre supposed to believe they fall heels over head in love and establish a connection so strong that theyíd move mountains for one another? Skip the rest of this if you plan on seeing this film Ė I might spoil a few plot points for you.
Nicole Kidman and Jude Law talk to each other a total of three times and for only a few moments each time. Then Jude goes off to fight for the South in the Civil War. Three letters from Nicole reach him and thatís enough to make him go AWOL, walk a thousand miles without food or shelter, risk being shot for desertion, kill a few Union soldiers along the way, kill the local law enforcement when he gets home, then ask for Nicoleís hand in marriage and spawn a child on the first night he's back.
I understand his motivations to get out of the war and get home, but the supposed love he feels for Nicole is just absurd. Porn is more believable. This vision of romance is the stuff of Victorian poetry and complete codependent CRAP. I prefer a story where two people hang out, spend time together, get to know each other, and perhaps fall in love. Two people who see each other across a crowded room once and are instantly willing to die for one another arenít in love, theyíre insane.

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