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Sheesh, we’ve been busy, out of town, distracted, and too lazy to get this machine up and running so the ezine has been ignored for a while now! But Thanksgorging is over and we have a brief respite before Consumass begins so we’re downloading photos off the digital camera and putting together some reports, as soon as we get the software together to do so.
Meanwhile, have some random ramblings!

Make sure to click the next arrow at the bottom of the page for more. You've gotta be a technogeek to get many of them, but some have movie references that are hilarious!

Last episode’s poem of sorts got praise from a few, and this from degenerate JH:

You probably would have hated the 60s and 70s, too. The 60s were full of dirty hippies latching on to any cause that came along. The 70s were full of superficial, money-grubbing posers, who differed only from the current crop of the same by the fact that they were mostly young, wore their collars open, and had bigger hair. Plus, you would have hated disco then. I did. Face it, you are inherently counterculture, even when counterculture is the culture. You are programmed to reject the dominant culture, as well as most of the subcultures. Enjoy your place at the edge of society. where would be without curmudgeons like you and Hunter Thompson and PJ O'Rourke and Andy Rooney. LOL

In other news, we got this from a subscriber:

If the Atlanta City Council votes on the bar bill, the people in Atlanta
should do what California did to there governor.Have a recall on everybody
that voted for the bar bill. The city council are a bunch of idiots, my 10
year old cousin even said that closing a club early will mean that you will
just have violence earlier. We need police not earlier closing times. If
someone is going to the meeting tomorrow it wouldbe helpfull if someone
would tell the city council what is going on if this passes. THey will be
out of a job soon. We will not have a problem getting the signatures needed
to remove them. I don't want people that think this dumb to be on the city

Editor’s Response:
Well, start your recall now:
"The Atlanta City Council voted 11-4 early today to force bars and nightclubs throughout the city to stop selling alcohol at 2:30 a.m. and close their doors at 3 a.m."

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