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We got a few responses from last episode's Blasphemy:

Did you see Frontline last night? It was all about the
behind-the-scenes push and pull over Iraq in the administration. It
was fascinating, enlightening. Here's a link to their website for
in-depth coverage:
I'm getting a tape of the program too, if you missed it and would
like to check it out.
Degenerate RH

I really "enjoyed" (though i really don't think that is the
proper/appropriate word) your blasphemy section.
THis section and the ones prior to have pretty much summed up a feeling I
have, but haven't been able to give it words. I can't listen, read, cope
with the ongoing semantics of war these days. My tolerance level has peaked.
This daily fretting over what plastic weight to buy vs. air masks has gotten
so out of control, I simply feel foolish. I feel such despair with our
government, I feel hopeless against them too....and I've never felt this
way....always being an optimist myself....congratulations, George W, you've
put the fear in my heart too. Deja vu is right....look at how the INS is
threatening groups of people...a few bad eggs certainly cost the whole dozen
in this situation....but do I even have an understanding of all this? No,
not really - because I have chosen to stay away from the reality...I started
listening to books on tape to avoid my daily meditations with NPR - I watch
stupid TV reality shows to void nightly news.....god, where am I going with
this? I usually am rather succinct in my, I write with a
bit of lunacy maybe? I don't know....I'm just really confused....I guess at
the end of the day - "what are ya gonna do?".....I can't make a damn bit of
difference...Well, I don't like to think of myself as an idiot, I've always
felt informed, confident and secure about who I am and how I work within my
"system" - today? I feel like a hypocrit. I want to enjoy my life, my
freedom's, my fast car, my big, how do I enjoy those frivilties
and be a good human being with a conscious? Do I just maintain a level of
denial and keep hacking away at the rat race? ...... ranting, my friend,
sorry, just merely ranting.....
Degenerate MB

Sorry, we did nothing this weekend. Nothing. Between vet bills and
mechanic bills and degenerate SW running off to Vegas in a couple of
weeks, we're too poor to party. But the HQ ain't been this clean in
ages and the cats are fat, healthy and happy so life ain't all bad.
On the up side, we have a couple of CD's we've been meaning to review
that we'll probably get to for next episode, so stay tuned.

In other news, Tease-O-Rama is looking for some help so they can
revive the fest for a third year in a row:
Alison, Alan and me (Baby Doe) are talking about future
Tease-O-Rama's. With day jobs, family, our own dance troupes, other
promotions, and just life in general it is hard to make the time to
really seek out sponsorship. I am sure many of you have experienced
this with your own groups. Although it might seem like this TOR is a
shoe-in to happen every year we really don't see how we can make it
happen this year without some funding to back us up. Putting up our
money again this year is just not an option. Soooo I would love to
know if anyone has connections in this area or would be willing to
help us out? I obviously can't offer to pay anyone to work on this so
we are just putting a shout out to see what comes our way! Any help
big or small is much appreciated!!

If you don't know what TOR is, check out our reviews from the first two years:

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