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We lost another 7 astronauts the other day. Sure, we lost more than
that in car crashes, AIDS, violence, etc. But only 7 of the people we
lost this weekend were flying home from SPACE. So raise a drink, next
time you've got one, for those who have the balls and the brains to
put themselves out there for whatever reason at whatever task others
would not or could not do, and didn't make it home. They'll be missed.


Friday we were in search of a quiet, affordable evening out and
kicked things off at Famous Pub in Toco Hills. The place is like
being inside a giant television. Two projected screens on one wall, a
score of big screen TV's on the other, all blazing random sports. I
didn't know there were so many sports channels, much less do I have a
desire to watch the all at once. But if you do, get help. If you
don't get help, get to Famous Pub.
We got help a couple of doors down at Maggie's. The place was all but
empty when we arrived so we commandeered a pool table and a couple of
video trivia games and had an ok time. As we left the place started
filling up with Emory students and other 20-somethings. The place is
cozy and friendly so if you're in the mood for such an establishment
and you're in the area I'd recommend it.
Saturday we headed east to the EARL just in time to miss Sarsaparilla
the Singing Gorilla, somewhat thankfully as we'd caught his act
before and it's funny for about the first three songs, then gets
tiring. But that was sort of the theme of the night. Cadillac Jones
came on and did a great set for about 45 minutes, but half an hour
later you just wanted it to end. Or maybe that's just my jazzphobia.
They tend to Jam On It when We Want the Funk. But hey, anything
that'll make a few girls in tight jeans shake their butts can't be
all bad!
Hot August Knights did one of the most brilliant nights of live music
I've ever seen, last Halloween at the Clermont Lounge. But Saturday
at the EARL had none of the surprise of that Kiss/Neil Diamond combo.
Instead it was straight up Neil Diamond tribute by the best Neil
Diamond impersonator around. Good, but not great.
But you wouldn't know it by the fervor of the hardcore Neil fans, old
and young in the front row frothing at the mouth and shouting
"TODAY!" at the top of their lungs during the opening number of
America and they didn't stop singing along for one minute.
I couldn't make it through to the encore, though a couple of
degenerates stayed behind and said I didn't miss much. We hit Disco
Diner, the sassiest disco-themed all night diner in town, for
hangover prevention filling fare before calling it a night.

Try to do that in this country and you'd be branded a communist sympathizer!
Wait, that was the Cold War, right? Or was it the War on Drugs? War on
Poverty? Crap, I can't keep my wars-against abstract-thoughts straight...
In other news, it's the occasional political blurb like this that
still make The Onion worth reading:
Department Of The Interior Sets Aside Two Million Acres For Car Commercials
WASHINGTON, DC-Seeking to "safeguard our precious wildlands for future
generations of SUV ads," the Department of the Interior set aside two
million acres in Wyoming and Colorado for use in car commercials Monday. "If
we do not protect this land," Secretary of the Interior Gale Norton said,
"we may one day have no place for Dodge Rams to run wild and free."


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