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We got a lot of feedback to last episode's Blasphemy:

"One day (one day) it's gonna get better some way (some way)
I wish it would get worse any way (any way)
What can I lose, it might turn into something better.
It gets harder and harder the harder I try
Feels like a good time to die."
From "Predictable" by Ray Davies/Kinks
Degenerate SR

Degenerate RVI posted his response on the Blasphemy Board:
Which generated this response from degenerate AH:
i saw your link to the wwwboard and it made me cringe -- ever thought
about some newer forum software? we use phpBB ( ) -- be glad to help you install it, except...
looks like you're still hosted on Earthlink -- every thought about a
new host? ;) you'd need a host that supports mySQL or postgreSQL...

Yeah, we've thought about improving the message board software but
that would require more effort than we're willing to expend.
Last, my personal favorite response, from former degenerate JH:

frederick, i luv ya, have for years. but i have to say, im a repub and im
sick of hearing your anti-pres, anti-rebub disputes, cuz im a rebublican, i
dont want to see another "sept 11") so im asking for an unsubscribe. luv ya
mean it. always will, u and our past will always mean something to me, but i
cant stand the preaching so goodbye, i can find my own fun, think im smart
enough for that. luv ya. count me out , j.
yes, i realize i misspelled repub, but ive been drinking, im no dummy. luv
j. i stilll luv ya, and im your sister. luv j.

(Gotta love it when folks can't come up with a counter argument so
they just turn tail and run!)

We got a CD from Homeroom, "It's Not Me, It's You." From their web site at, "The one sentence bio: Homeroom is an
Atlanta-based band of five close friends that play power-pop songs about
The opening song starts with chords and rap-like chanting that immediately
had me thinking the members of Syrup had reformed under another name, but
that's not the case. This lacks the sticky funk of Syrup, replaced with pop.
It's not bad. Smooth, well-produced, with a vaguely 80's feel coming from
the keyboards, with several moments reminded me of The Nowhere Squares out
of Alabama - a little on the geeky side, Weezer-esque you might say.
There are strong harmonized vocals on every song, sometimes making a simple
song a bit cluttered, but there's plenty of energy and talent. Sort
of Beach Boys meets Offspring, if you can imagine that. Not great,
but good. Nothing terribly unique, but fun.

Another CD we received recently is Snow White Trash's debut. It's sort of
honky-tonk country-rock stuff with a smooth, strong female lead. There's
some Jason and the Scorching guitar and it's well produced. But
unfortunately the contents are all straight novelty songs that sound like
the soundtrack to a modernized version of The Beverly Hillbillies, or a
dirtier version of Hee Haw. Too much shukin' and winkin' and not enough
serious songwriting. A couple of these tunes would have been cute, but a
whole CD starts to get stale before the halfway point. I appreciate a good
joke about the South as much as the next self-deprecating recovering
redneck, but there's a reason Jeff Foxworthy ain't been heard from in a
while. While there are plenty of clever jokes on this disc, after a while
you wish they'd set the joking aside and, as another occasional novelty
songwriter once said, "Shut up and play yer guitar."
For more on Snow White Trash, hit their web site at

For some reason, BMI sent us a CD by Jen Elliott. We don't usually review
big label artists, and we never review stuff from Yankees. No, not because
we believe the south will rise again or any such nonsense, but because we're
focusing on the local music scene and we can't even cover all of that. But
then it turns out she's not really with a big label and is actually
searching for one. She's still a Yankee though.
But what the hell, I'll break our own rules just this once 'cause she's
She's got a great voice too, but it just ain't my cup o' tea. It's jazzy R&B
stuff with punching horns and soaring vocals that might make it on one of
those radio stations I never listen to. There's plenty of talent and she's
got a heck of a studio band together. Decent songwriting, melodies with
sticky hooks, all the stuff that should make her a star. The only problem I
see, aside from the fact that I just don't like this style of music, is
she's a white girl. And for whatever reason, white girls have a tough time
making it onto the radio stations where this sound fits. It's unfortunate
that there is lingering racism in this country and I hope that doesn't
discourage her or anyone else for trying, but I think Jen may have to find a
producer that can tweak her sound to the pop side much like L.A. Reid did
with Pink, if Jen wants mainstream commercial success.
But if you don't care if it makes it on the radio or not, you just want some
energetic, strong R&B, check out her site at

What with the weather outside turning heavenly, we went in search of
a nice patio for a few early evening beers on Tuesday. We ended up at
Front Page News in L5P. Mediocre, overpriced food and not the best
beer prices I've seen, but a decent patio. Next door is a new Mexican
place we may scope out next. But thus far my favorite outdoor seating
is Carol Street Café in Cabbagetown. Not much of a view, but there's
usually a table available, the wait staff is hot, and they have some
excellent deserts.

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