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Winds howling around the HQ.
Lightning flashing, TV bursting in static, thunder claps like bombs.
Neighbors in the yard yelling about something, dogs barking.
On the TV is a tale of a madman in the desert, beset by treacherous
forces, thousands dying in horrible battles and it's not even the
news - Sci-Fi Channel, Children of Dune, Frank Herbert.
Could you GET any more appropriate for the moment?
Have the bombs started falling yet? The bodies? The stock market?
The Dixie Chicks are ashamed.
The democrats still blame Nader.
And yet here I sit in the comfort of my own home as if nothing were
different than any other day.
"Somebody gimme a cheeseburger!
Livin' in the USA!"
Steve Miller
Were I a religious man, I'd pray for those souls out in the desert,
the ones on both sides of that line drawn in the sand.
Were I a betting man, I'd lay down a paycheck that no matter how
short this war, the repercussions last decades.
And were I a sensitive, sane man I'd probably be crying.
But it's back to sci-fi and laser guns in the desert.
Wait, maybe this *is* the news...?

As usual, Doonesbury says it better than I can:

Degenerate SW sent us this in response to last episode:
I agree with Degenerate DD's comments.
I'm not insensitive to the current climate, but Clinton issued a "war"
Against Iraq in 1998; it was called Operation Desert Fox. Almost no
one balked and no one marched. The U.N. was against a military
strike, but that didn't make
The headlines five years ago. I'm not supporting Bush or his decision to go to
"war," I'm just saying that this is the third time America has engaged Iraq
militarily. And we're still here. I blame nine-eleven and the subsequent
climate of terror on the current state of the nation. Which is not to say
that concerns about the upcoming "war" are unfounded - these are
unstable times -
it's just that I don't want to let the media frenzy influence my thinking
too much. I'm not gonna get my panties in too much of a wad. America goes to
"war" every 3 - 5 years. Always have. Always will. Granada, Beirut, Falkand
Islands, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bosnia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Vietnam,
Korea, Kosovo, Yugoslavia, the Philippines, etc. Where have American
troops NOT
Been in the past 30 years? We love war. It helps our economy, it raises
Approval ratings, reinforces patriotism, etc. I'm not in favor of
Bush's "war," but I'm not scared of it. Not now at such an early
stage. The country is suffering
unbridled worry and I've chosen to abstain from the collective anxiety. But
these are just my thoughts...

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