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"Boy, did we get wrecked last night."
Shawn Littleton, 3/27/96

Yeah, we got wrecked last night. Literally. Details?? Alright already:
First day of school this quarter. Generally uneventful except that a 3 hour course in education that Frederick thought would be a blow-off sounds like more work than most 5 hour classes. Ah well.
The usual tuesday at Dottie's for free pool and cheap beer with special guest Shawn Littleton of the Littleton Art Community and Party Emporium. J.J., the local pool shark, was in rarely poor form and lost every game but one to the Degenerate Pool Player's Association. 11ish and it's time to head for the Star Bar. Alas, fate did not smile to kindly on Frederick's 94 Saturn Wagon. A late model blue-green geo decided she liked the car so much she'd like to get a closer look - WHAM - parts flying, heads snapping, airbags exploding - tinkle tinkle drip drip. No serious injuries, though Shawn has complained of neck pain all night. Waiting for a wrecker, the cop asks of the incident.
"I just didn't see them" the driver of the geo says.
One cop turns to the other after she wanders off, "How the hell didn't she see him??" Frederick had been headed in her direction, headlights shining right in her face, we don't see how she could have missed seeing us either. If only she could have missed HITTING us, we'd be happier.
Wreckers come and remove the debris. The Saturn has the passenger front corner smashed in pretty bad, though probably not totalled. Her geo is dead. Looking to get a ride, we head back to Dottie's to find Dave and a ride. He flies past on the way and turns to pick us up.
"What happened?" etc.
"Where to?" he asks, having heard the tale.
"STAR BAR!!" the passengers exclaim.
As always, the Star Bar is packed to capacity. Hot Stanky Funk Night, and it was hot, some were stanky, and we funked. Frederick spots Sharon, a girl from GSU, and leaps into the fray. Sharon has friends so Shawn follows. Much funkiness ensues. VERY much funkiness, until late late late.
"I'd give you a ride home but some cow wrecked my car!" Frederick says toward the end of the evening. They cab it instead.
The body shop calls this morning before Frederick is awake, he neglects to get a number and now has no idea where his car is. A million errands to run due to the first week of school and no car. " Perhaps they'll total it and I can get out from under the car payments before I head to Italy."

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