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March sucks in Atlanta because you're sick of winter and you think
it's about to be spring, but it's damn 40 degrees and raining every
other day.
Even so, I am declaring the arrival of spring. Birds are chirping in
the yard, daffodils are flowering, trees are budding and blooming, my
sinuses are clogging, girls are wearing short skirts, and my hormones
are beginning to rage. It's only a matter of time before the sun
comes out and eMpTyV turns into T&A TV with spring break specials.
Personally, I can't wait. I can never get enough T&A and I'm damn
tired of winter. I miss the drive in, clothes that don't weigh 30
lbs., gelato, driving with open windows, and all the other niceties
that come with warmer climes!

Happy birthday to us. Since this month will 5 years of,
we wrapped up a small present and we're giving it to you, our loyal
This is maybe a fifth of the images we'd like to have online, but at least
it's a start. Heck, this ain't even all the stuff we've dumped in random
places on our web site, but we're still proud of this collection. There's
some great photos in there, and some excellent javascript wrangling to get
it all to work. (If you have technical problems let me know, this is my
first almost-from-scratch javascript work.)
Now that it's organized and easy to use, we'll probably be adding more stuff
as we have time. We have boxloads of photos, piles of photo CD's, and a ton
of downloads from the digital camera we ain't even gotten around to digging
through. Stay tuned.
=46riday night we were cruising around in search of entertainment. We
started with a few rounds of pool in The Gravity Pub's basement. Then
we tried to squeeze in the door at Northside Tavern, figuring it'd be
tolerable since Mudcat was playing both Friday and Saturday but there
was no room to squeeze even before the band had gone on stage. There
was a plethora of pretty faces, but all in trendy, fashionable
clothes, as I could've guessed by the mass of SUV's and Porches in
the parking lot. Goddammit, I want my dive blues bar back! It's only
going to get worse as the sea of new apartment buildings on the same
block begin to open up (I think the first occupant moved in this
week.) So if you know of a dive blues bar with cheap drinks and good
music, let us know ASAP. You can't get in the door at Northside on
weekends anymore, and if you do you'll regret it. Unless you're a
rich, yuppie swine who considers it cool to go slumming at places
like Northside where everyone in the club is "slumming." In which
case it's now your kind of bar.
Ugh. I hate it when the masses finally catch on to something good and
trample it to death.
So we rambled back to East Atlanta and ended up at Echo Lounge just
in time to miss the last song of the opening act, Demolition
Dollrods. It looked like something we should've seen, as the members
of the band had stripped down to leather undies and were dancing
about during their final song. Ah well, next time.
The Soledad Brothers followed, two guitars and drums pounding out
blues based noise with plenty of punk edge from their hometown of
Detroit. Sort of a less chaotic Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Then one
of the guys traded his guitar for a sax and changed the sound a bit,
but only a bit. Plenty of energy and a good sound, worth seeing.
The headliners followed, The Black Keys, another two-piece act. What
is it with two-piece acts these days? Has the bass become pass=E9? Or
is it easier to make a living splitting the money 50/50? I'm not
saying it's a bad thing, just noting the phenomenon.
But by that time The Black Keys came on our feet were tired so we
gave them a few songs to impress us enough to stick around. They
cranked out a couple of tunes that leaned too far to the blues end of
the spectrum without enough deviation to keep our attention. Sort of
an Alman Brothers sound but without the multiple guitar interplay, at
least for the three songs our feet could take before we beat a

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