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"I don't think there are any Russians
And there ain't no Yanks.
Just corporate criminals
Playing with tanks."
From "The Walls Came Down" by The Call

I have an increasing respect for the Republicans running their personal ATM
we call the USA these days.
First, they invited their friends and high-dollar contributors in the energy
industry to write their own regulations. Then when (surprise) these
organizations absconded with billions of dollars of taxpayer money the
Republicans tried to say it was "supply and demand" that had created the
energy crisis. When it turned out it was old-fashioned fraud and the General
Accounting Office tried to investigate, the Republicans hinted at cutting
the office's funding and the GAO dropped the suit. That's like a
policeman refusing to arrest a murderer
because the murderer threatens to kill the policeman.
Enron goes belly-up and the taxpayers foot the bill. Thousands out of work,
and pensions gone. Yet nobody seems to have the balls to pull the bastards
in charge out into the spotlight and expose them for what they are.
But that was just an appetizer, nothing compared to the sheer brilliance of
what is coming.

Let's say you're the Prez, or the VP. You've got friends in high places,
such as those in charge of oil companies, military suppliers, weapon
manufactures, and construction. What enterprise could possibly involve them
all, while taxpayers foot the bill, AND possibly raise your political status
come next election?
Well, the country needs oil, no two ways about it.
So bomb the shit out of a convenient enemy, one that we should have dealt
with more than a decade ago if not sooner, that just happens to be sitting
on the second largest oil reserve on the planet! But wait, that's just the
opening monologue. Then you get to help rebuild the very structures you have
destroyed!! And coast through the election with a war victory under your
belt!!! It's a win-win-win situation!
But wait, there's more! When your enemies at home complain, you can claim
they're being unpatriotic. And since the country is still thirsting for
blood after 9/11, many of the citizens will buy the whole plot hook, line
and sinker! In fact, they won't mind as the Attorney General runs roughshod
over the very Constitution we're supposed to be defending!
Now how much would you pay? Don't answer yet - there's more!
When allies abroad balk, offer them billions in aid and arms. Let the
taxpayers foot the bill, while your friends get paid to make the guns the
taxpayers have bought - for other countries!

Frankly, it's fuckin' brilliant.
This has the democrats totally flustered. Does anyone still hold on to the
illusion that the Democratic party can find a candidate with balls,
brains and big-bucks-backing enough to beat this?
This has liberals howling in protest.
And this has truck drivers slow down to shoot birds at protesters waving
peace signs. "Fuck them towelheads." Even lawmakers say as much:

But most of all, this is a nearly unbeatable combination. It cements the
administration's position of power through popular action, while garnering
them and their contributors billions of dollars.
These men might have been uncovered as the charlatans they are had this
happened thirty years ago. But today "journalism" is synonymous with
"entertainment." Why investigate? Did the Prez get a hummer in the oval
office? If there's not a bodily fluid involved it's not a story, no matter
how dramatic. Sex sells, as Clinton discovered. Mere power brokering doesn't
even get a back page mention.
The only sex in this story is the rest of us getting fucked.
The economy continues a downward spiral, but we're off to bomb Iraq?
The Israelis and Palestinians are still at each other's throats, but we're
off to bomb Iraq?
The North Koreans actually have weapons of mass destruction, but we're off
to bomb Iraq?
The UN inspections are working, but we're off to bomb Iraq?
I'm not saying the inspections would be working if we didn't have troops
amassing ready to bomb Iraq.
I'm not saying Saddam doesn't deserve a fat one up his ass for what he's
done to people in his country.
I just wonder if we deserve the fat one we're getting for what our own
administration is going to the people in THIS country.

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We got this from Danny "Mudcat" Dudek regarding last episode's
complaints about Northside Tavern:
I hear you bro. It breaks my heart to get these reports ... but you
gotta tell it like it is!
But hey ... Jesus didn't seek out the righteous! Try some lonely
Wednesday night ... Glynda still lays out a helluva meal! All the
best, mUD

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