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You know it's a good con when Sunday your brain just won't function
properly due to the surreal slide show that won't stop playing,
flashes of flesh from several days and nights of debauchery. Fantasm
was a big hit this year and I've got more than a hundred pictures to
sort through to prove it. Full review coming soon, whenever my
brain,and liver, recover.

Last episode I meant to post this review, but it wasn't ready yet.
Now you get it all in full color - the surrealistic Lantern Inn Elvis

Degenerate JDP sent us this:
You know, if it wasn't for the foreign and independent press.... Better late than never, I suppose.

We got this from degenerate SG, organizer of the weekly trip to the drive in:

We've just gotten word that Mondo Movie Nite will resume on Sunday, April 27, 2003! Woohoo! For those of you new to the list, Mondo Movie Nite is a monthly Starlight tradition during the spring and summer.
One Sunday per month (this year it will be the fourth Sunday each month), old B-movies are brought to the Starlight and the stars or directors are sometimes in attendance. Many Mondo Nites have also featured live music or deejays spinning tunes appropro to the evening's theme. And you can bet that you'll see tons of boss vintage cars on the lot. (We hope Greg's '59 Impala makes it to the drive-in some time soon. It's getting a new paint job that's taking longer than expected. Those of you with vintage wheels are probably familiar with the phenomenon of the ever-extending completion date.)

The features next Sunday night will be "The Man Without a Body" and "The President's Analyst." According to Scott Rogers, the first movie involves a Nostradamus head-transplant, while the second has James Coburn as the President's shrink (and is the source of much Austin Powers material, baby!)

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