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As Steve Irwin would say, "Danger danger danger!"
The following report is NOT child, co-worker, or delicate sensibility
friendly AT ALL. There's nudity, graphic depictions of sexuality,
offensive language, perhaps even occasional violence and other things
your mother warned you about.
That being said, Fantasm was a fantastic time, probably the most
mind-blowing convention I've ever attended. Great people, fun events,
ass-kicking parties, and nekkid people all over (some of them even
worth looking at!)
You should'a been there. Or maybe not. Maybe it was better you stayed
home so the rest of us didn't have to deal with the shock and awe
events like this inflict upon people like you.
So live vicariously through us, degenerates that we are, via the
Fantasm party report!
Tons of other reviews, some more detailed than ours, are appearing on
the Fantasm Live Journal:

Speaking of half-nekkid entertainment, we got this from degenerate SN:

With Cole's Fine Foods laid to rest, your favorite giant hobo and his
band of mongrel minstrels are movin' on down the line. This Friday,
4/25, The Gusto Show is settin' up camp at the lovely trackside
juke-joint called My Sister's Room (222 Howard Ave., Decatur,
404/370-1990). Cowboy and Chloe have graciously offered their patio,
garden and bartending bravado to host an evening of Gustonian
debauchery. Come see your favorite Special Guestos:
Torchy Taboo and her titillating tassel-twirlin'!
Monkey Zuma and her amazing finger of stink!
Donatella Cacciofella's soaring sirenetics!
And if ya missed it last week, ya gotta be there to witness the
mountain magic and ethereal whimsy of Miss Terical as she clogs her
way into your heart and opens wide yer conscience! The hip-shakin'
Bijou Bellaroux gonna knock you one mo' kiss without knockin' the
sword off her pretty lil' head, too! Why, you might even see Santa
Claus and the Easter Bunny gettin' it on smack dab in the middle of
the garden. I shouldn't have to tell ya, it's probably a good idea
to leave the chil'rens at home. You never know what historical and
religious and pop-cultural figures you might see behaving badly at a
Gusto Show!

Show starts at 9pm, so don't be late!
Admission is $6.
Attire optional.

OK, the DUMBEST uses of the "Uh... I was drunk?" excuse, both off CNN, one day after another:
And in news that surely indicates the end of the world is nigh:

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