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We've got a mess o' CD's we need to review. That should happen next
episode. Meanwhile, if you're in a band and want to be rich and
famous you should invent a cure for SARS. Or, if you'd rather "make
it" as a musician you might try contacting this person:

Are there any good TV shows in the Atlanta area that feature local bands? I'm working on a nationwide collaboration between and local music shows all over the US and Atlanta has some great bands on the site. I'd love to get them some exposure on the tube. Working on turning this into a "network" of sorts. Thank you Rick Reed Content Manager Vivendi Universal Net USA

And here's a warning someone emailed us. We're not confirming or
vouching for any of this info, just passing the rumor along:

Hi my name is Stephanie and I am from Atlanta and I have some
interesting information on a record company called "MMG Records" or
Millennium Music Group. The CEO of this company, Hank Smith, has been
known for stealing and conning kids. I just wanted to spread the word
to all local bands out there,looking for a record deal, to stay clear
of this label. Now.. there are other lables out there called MMG, the
company I am talking about is a small company based in Atlanta and
their website is Please spread the
word to help prevent anyone else getting hurt. thank you!

In other news, in our spare time at work, we've updated the Electric
Degeneration archive:
The only thing we're missing is a couple of months back in '99, and a stray one or two here and there, but otherwise it's everything you never wanted.

So you think we won the war in Afghanistan and soon we'll be doing
the same in Iraq? Think again.
Apparently while we pull out of one front too soon and charge into
another too soon, the situation that gave rise to the very terror
we're supposed to be fighting is left unresolved. Just further proof
that it's not a war on terror we're really interested in (as if you
needed more proof...)

Meanwhile, on another front:

They pulled Saddam down and dragged his head through the streets. Let the looting begin!
No, not the corner furniture store, but the second largest oil reserve on the planet.
Liberated, indeed, but not by or for the people of Iraq.
Is it a small price to pay for freedom, to have your only natural resource go to fuel the hungry SUV's of America?
Better that than a night in one of Saddam's prisons - electrocution and acid baths.
The false smile of the local dictator exchanged for the false smile of the foreign robber baron.
Ring the bells!
Install the puppets!
And let the oil flow like water. Drain the deserts and look to the horizon for the next Promised Land - Syria? Iran? Are you looking at
me? There's no other army here. You must be talking to me. You feel lucky, punk? Do ya?
Watch your step or we might liberate *your* oil too!
Uh... make that "people." Yeah, that's the ticket.
It's a mixed bag for lefties like myself. I'm all for the liberation of an oppressed people.
I'm not protesting the war, but I wish it would matter if I stood on
a street corner with a sign reading "NO PROFITS FOR BUSH INC."

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