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It's gotten to the point where I dread seeing my message light on at the office. Nobody calls me here unless it's bad news and this morning it was the worst sort.

Scott Rogers, AKA Rip Thrillby, was killed in a car wreck this
weekend while riding with Johnny Knox after leaving the Star Bar
Saturday night/Sunday morning. Rumor has it
Johnny is ok, but all the details I have are below.
Scott played some furious surf guitar in The Penetrators, organized
the monthly Mondo Movie and annual Drive Invasion at Starlight Drive
In, as well as doing the illustrations for the posters for the
Invasion, contributed to this ezine from time to time and was
generally an all around classy guy.
He'll be missed by many.

Here's what degenerate SG sent out:

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that we've lost a very precious friend. Scott Rogers passed away this weekend from complications following an automobile accident. Scott was the amazingly creative fella who, several years ago, shared with me the brilliant idea of a weekly gathering of our friends at the Starlight Drive-In. From our gathering, he came to know the drive-in owner, Teri Oldknow, who recognized his creativity and vision and asked him to develop the Starlight's web site ( She then enlisted his help organizing the monthly Mondo Movie Nites and annual Labor Day Drive-Invasion music and B-movie celebration.

In addition to his fine work on many web sites, Scott was the gifted artist responsible for the images on the Drive-Invasion posters and various CD covers. He was also a talented guitar player in my favorite surf-instrumental band, The Penetrators
( But more than his artistry and musical
aptitude, I'll remember his irrepressible and irreverent wit. He'll be sorely missed.

Come on out to the Starlight Tuesday night in memory of our favorite secret agent and Sophisticated International Playboy, Rip Thrillby. The movie is "X-Men 2" and it starts at 9:00 p.m.

(If you're interested, most folks show up around 8:30 or earlier for
pre-movie socializing.)
And from the AJC:

Local guitarist dies in car wreck

The guitarist for a local surf band was killed in a single-car wreck in southeast Atlanta early Sunday morning. John Scott Rogers, 36, who played lead guitar with the band the
Penetrators, was a passenger in a car that crashed near the
intersection of Lakewood Avenue and McDonough Boulevard about 5 a.m. Rogers was not wearing a seat belt, said Mike Alsip, an investigator with the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office. The driver of the car, whose name was not released, survived the wreck. Rogers, who went by the stage name Rip Thrillby, was one of the
organizers of the annual 'Drive-In Invasion,' a Labor Day weekend
gathering at the Starlight Six Drive-in Theaters on Moreland Avenue
that combines movies, cartoons and live rock 'n' roll shows. Alex Weiss, who books bands for the east Atlanta club the Echo
Lounge, said the Penetrators played the venue three or four times a
year and had a "really strong following."

Later the vet called and confirmed that the mass they removed from my
cat last week is a deadly form of cancer and they hope they got it
all but there's no way to know and no treatment.
Last week the phone call was SW saying her aunt had been diagnosed
with a rare, aggressive form of breast cancer.
I'm gonna stop answering that damn phone.
So it looks like I'll be headed to Huntsville for another funeral. I'm also gonna stop visiting that damn town...

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