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No, you're not getting the same email again, its yet another loss to
Atlanta's music scene.
George "Montague" Holton, guitarist for The Woggles, passed away
earlier this week. Rumor is it was an accidental overdose of
prescription medication, but the why's and how's don't change the
Goddammit, what a week.
Shit, may as well throw the whole month in the crapper, while I'm at it. The Woggles were slated to play the Star Bar next Thursday, May 22.
Not sure what'll happen with that, or their current tour, or the band
in general.
In similar news, we just got this from degenerate SG regarding Scott Rogers:

Teri Oldknow, owner of the Starlight Drive-In, would like to invite friends of Scott Rogers to share a drink and a bite to eat at one of Scott's favorite local hangouts, the Euclid Avenue Yacht Club on
Friday, May 16, at 7:00 p.m. Bring along your happy memories of the
King of High-Speed Weekend.

Euclid Avenue Yacht Club
1136 Euclid Avenue, NE
(404) 688-2582

Additionally, Lee Smith is organizing a tribute show for Rip and has asked that all interested bands contact him. The show will most likely be in June or July. His email is and his phone is (404) 932-6754.

More on the rooster situation:

Thanks for all the suggestions about calling animal control and other
animal-focused organizations. However, I forgot to mention that was
our first effort. SW called several, even the ASPCA, and they all
said unless the animals are being mistreated there is nothing they
can do.
The roosters don't appear mistreated to me and it's not their
treatment that concerns me, it's the damn noise. So I was hoping the
proper authorities would handle this in the proper manner. Obviously that's not gonna happen. SW also checked on the zoning laws and, despite the noise ordinance
that would come into play and contradict this, they are allowed to
own up to 75 roosters.

And thanks for the various suggestions about how to wring the necks
of chickens and how to cook them. But there's no good way to get over
the fence without alerting the myriad of other neighbors, many of
which are the roosters owners' relatives. So this has to be done with
missile weapons and as quietly as possible.

Also, thanks to degenerate LS for the sole "Why not talk to them and
resolve this peacefully" suggestion. SW said the same thing but if I
talk to these people myself I'm gonna sink a hammer in someone's
face. That'll solve my rooster noise problem, but I've heard jail is
a noisy place too so that isn't the solution I'm looking for. SW may
wind up doing the talking for us, since she might be able to project
a positive, pleasant demeanor I couldn't possibly muster, and since
our five written efforts at communicating with them and a phone call
or two have had no effect.

Failing SW's conflict resolution skills, a miracle from the local
authorities, or other blessing from the gods, I think I've found the
best possible assassination method for these animals. I own an air
rifle, but that would leave physical evidence. So I've picked up a
"wrist rocket" style slingshot off ebay with which I could launch
rocks or ice at the beast and kill them with little or no evidence,
other than the obvious circumstantial. But *knowing* who did it is
different than *proving* who did it and somehow I doubt I'll need
Johnny Cochran after this bloody escapade.

Fried chicken, anyone?

I shouldn't revisit the issue, but it came up in conversation a few
nights back and it's been haunting me since.
Ralph Nader is not responsible for George W. Bush being in office. Ralph chose a path and stayed the course. He expressed his
left-of-center beliefs in an open and honest fashion.
The supposed party of the left, the Democrats, abandoned their
supposed constituents long ago, swerving to the right and pandering
to big business. As they cave to the pressures of this new power
base, they become more and more like those who they claim to oppose.
So as they swerve further right, the conservative, traditional party
of the right is allowed to swerve even FURTHER right, knowing they
can get away with it, and, in fact, MUST do so to distinguish
themselves from their opponents (one of the joys of a two party
Yet the Democratic party still wants to blame Nader? They want to
make us, the voters, feel like it's our fault when we vote for the
guy we want to win? Doesn't sound very Democratic! It sounds like
they're admitting the system doesn't work.
"Don't vote for the candidate you want to win, vote for the guy that
has a chance of winning," you'll probably hear again pretty soon. But
that's reinforcing the very behavior I'm trying to quell.
Sure, Nader can't win, even if the rest of the people on the left
wake the hell up and realize who they should be voting for. I'll
admit it. I'll even agree the system doesn't work as it should. But
instead of granting power to the very ones who are sabotaging the
system, I want to send a message - I'd rather take the greater of two
evils for the short term, hoping that the Democratic party will
realize they're heading down the same slippery slope and eventually
They'll either be in the shitter with the Republicans, or turn away
from the dark side and fucking stand for something!
Otherwise, things will continue to get worse, for the Democrats and
the whole country, before they get better. Humans can function for
decades in perfect denial. We are slow to change unless forced to. So
when the party(s) on the right finally put this country so deep in
deficit it can't get out, destroy our educational and social
services, rape the environment so much we can't breathe, loot and
pillage every oil-rich nation on the planet, funnel the profits to a
few rich friends while the rest of us get turned away from
unemployment lines, and restrict our freedoms so much we can't speak,
MAYBE someone will do something about it.
It's just unfortunate that the "something" someone does is unlikely
to be the calm, rational approach other parties in this country
propose. Certainly neither party on the right has the interest or
ability to do anything about it.
Meanwhile, I'll be in denial myself, pretending we live in a
democracy and voting for who I'd like to see win. And I figure my
vote in the next election will count about as much as it did in the

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