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Sorry for the lack of reporting lately. Been distracted, busy, and
generally bummed due to all the death, cancer, and weather. If I
wanted chilly and rainy all the fucking time I'd move to Northern
Europe! But it's almost June and I'm wearing long sleeves and a
jacket. I should be camped out by the river half nekkid by now!
Meanwhile, get out and get something to eat. It's Downtown Atlanta
Restaurant Week - upscale food and affordable prices. Complete
upscale meals at $20.03, and some places are even offering 2 for 1:
This Memorial Day weekend it's Bubbapalooza AND Mondo Movie Night -
more fun than you can shake a snake at.

I caught The Matrix Reloaded the other day. Coincidentally, there was
an ad for Turner Classic Movies in which someone asks to see the film
"Visually Stunning But Pointless Sequel", or something like that.
Matrix 2 has some confusing plot twists toward the end, and a few
action sequences that don't really add anything either to the plot or
to the visuals. Some of the more spectacular action sequences have a
bit too much CGI in them. They come off looking like sequences from
the video game version of the film they advertise before the movie -
too cartoonish.
I couldn't quite put my finger on what bothered me about Matrix
Reloaded until I talked with someone afterward. She quoted reviewers
saying it lacked suspense. The fight sequences are cartoonish to the
point of dehumanizing everything, and you know another film is on the
way. The last thirty minutes of the film are a confusing mess you may
have to see twice to understand and even still there are plot holes
that bother me.
However, there's plenty of special effect spectacle worth seeing and
Keanau has to do very little acting in this film, probably the
biggest weakness of the first film. I'm still looking forward to the
final installment this fall, but not with the same anticipation I
have for the final Tolken installment.

The continuing rooster saga:
Dale, the male of the household, as reappeared. Don't know if he
spent a couple of weeks in the pokey (I hope), or at a friend's place
or what, but he's been spotted lurking around. Tough to tell with his
strange schedule if he's living there on a full-time basis again, or
if he just came around to pressure wash the house and random spots on
the other neighbor's driveway.
The rain and cold have kept my windows shut, so the roosters haven't
driven me to gunfire, YET. But it's only a matter of time before this
freakish fucking weather breaks and I have to open the windows at
Hopefully by then, I will have gotten a policeman to visit because
there's good news for once - the city of Atlanta passed a new noise
ordinance and supposedly issued the police new equipment that
measures the decibel level to see if there is a violation. The new
law states that if the sounds are clearly audible at 50' or more at
night or 200' or more during the day, the owner of such noisy
equipment, animals, kids or whatnot can be issued a ticket. Since
we've made several complaints about them already I'm hoping the cops
won't even bother with a warning.
So when I come stumbling in at 4 AM after a long night at
Bubbapalooza this weekend and the roosters are already crowing, you
can bet I'll be crowing myself - to the authorities!
Oh, and the three new birds appear to be baby turkeys, so it's still
just two roosters who need removing, one way or another.
Thanks to various degenerates for all the pro-animal-rights
shout-outs. I'm an animal lover myself, and even though it's often of
the slow-cooked variety, I'd rather not kill anyone, friend or fowl,
that doesn't deserve it.

No vegetable oil for blood!
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!
And responses to last episode!

>Certainly neither party on the right has the interest or ability to do
>anything about it.

why would they when 80% of the people approve of the war and GBJr.
and they can still propose a tax cut with a straight face when they
just spent millions on the war and the deficit is at a record high.
it's like saying, "well we just bought that car and took out a home
equity loan to remodel our kitchen (just cuz we wanted to), so i
think i'll quit my job and take one with lower pay because it's more
fun." sheesh!
degenerate JH

Can I just say that last election I gave up voting for someone just
to vote against someone else and I voted for Nader. I will do it
again and again if Nader still represents my views, hell, I'll write
my mom in before I will vote for some Democrat assumes I am too
afraid of the Republicans to vote for anyone but Democrats. I'm sick
and tired of the Democrats leaning over to the right like they do,
I'm a total knee jerk liberal and proud!!
degenerate KG

Raht on, brother! Nader didn't cost the Dems the election - running
an insipid candidate with the balls of a midget fruit fly did. Did
the Dems learn this lesson? Hell no. They only turned into greater
wallflowers and surrendered the 2002 election - which some also try
to blame on Nader! Remember when Doonesbury used to joke that George
Bush Sr. had put his manhood into trust? Now the entire Democratic
party has done so.
degenerate AG

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