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This reads more like something from The Onion - funny political satire:
It's even funnier that you have to click through an ad from GE to
read the full article...
Speaking of reporting on the state of things, or failure to, The
Daily Show ran a special the other night that was basically a clip
show of their reporting on the war in Iraq, mostly stuff I'd seen and
all of it funny even the second time around, but it was the title
that really cracked me up:
"Iraq: A Look Baq (or how we learned to stop reporting and love the war)"

I tried reaching the officer I was told to contact, Lieutenant Jones
of the APD Zone 1, with no luck. I'll keep trying as long as the
roosters keep crowing, and goddamn those things are crowing. Dale put
one of them in a cage right against our fucking property line. It's
only a matter of time before I get woken up at 5:30 AM and just can't
take any more and go on a shooting spree.

Speaking of, we got this from degenerate SG:

Good seeing you at Mondo. As always, I'm interested in your rooster stories. I'm always intrigued by stories of hillbillies-gone-bad. Wanted to send you this link for an event in Vegas this fall. We're going. It's being put on by the same fella who does Las Vegas Grind, a really fun garage event we've attended before.

In other news, we got this from Alex at Echo Lounge:
This Thursday May 29th, the Echo Lounge is hosting an evening to
remember our friends Scott "Rip Thrillby" Rogers and George Montague
Holton III.
Please join us a starting at 9pm. This will be an opportunity for
everyone to get together to reminisce and remember them. Feel free to
bring pictures videos etc... to share with everyone

And Friday is a benefit at the Star Bar for Johnny Knox to help pay
for his medical bills and such. A mere $5 gets you unknown
entertainment and the satisfaction of knowing you helped a local
artist in time of need.

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