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We got The Young Antiques' new CD, Clockworker, a few days back. I've
listened to it several times and each time I've forgotten it in it's
entirety. "Did I listen to that yet?" I keep asking myself upon
discovering it in my To Do pile.
I don't know what it is that doesn't grab me on this CD. But then I
never knew what it was other critics saw in these boys. Sure, it's
cleanly produced, quality stuff. Sure, they know how to play. And
some of the lyrics are good.
But somewhere something just doesn't click for me. Odd, since I love
lots of the shallow poppy stuff that came out of the 80's that this
disc reminds me of. It's got sort of a Romantics or Pretenders feel,
jangly guitars providing a rock sound to pop hooks. But it doesn't
hook me the way it hooks everyone else that writes about these guys.
Other tunes on the disc lean toward the harder end of 80's pop rock,
but it still doesn't rock me.
Eh, what do I know?
If you like 'em make sure to catch their CD release show Friday, May
16th, at The EARL, with Sharks and Minnows.

I don't know why, but the tickets for X at The Masquerade June 11
aren't on Ticketmaster online, and the slackers that staff Masquerade
don't know either, so I hit the box office and bought 'em in person,
saving myself the disservice charges.

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