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William Marshall, the actor who played "Blacula" and "The King of
Cartoons" on the Pee Wee Herman show for a season, has died.

Tuesday I was all settled in on the couch watching bad sci-fi I can't
watch with SW around when I got repeated phone calls from various
degenerates badgering me to get off my ass and go meet them, many of
whom I hadn't seen or heard from in quite some time.

You'd think it was summer or somethin'.
So I agreed to met them at Piedmont Park for Screen on the Green,
featuring What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Of course, none of us had thought to specify a PLACE at the park. I
figured "How many people want to sit in the mud and bugs to see that
old flick? I'm sure we can find each other."

When I walked across the park to the ball fields and climbed the
stairs I immediately said, "Well that was a dumb idea."

The place was packed, thousands of people camped out in front of the screen.
I cruised the perimeter a few times with no luck, went through the
center each direction with no luck, and was just about to give up
when a couple degenerates spotted me. We got a seat down front and
other degenerates tracked us down only a few minutes into the film.

Unfortunately, about the same time the rain started. Something like 4
inches would fall in the next couple of hours, but the slow drips of
the beginning of the storm were enough to chase us, and most of the
crowd, out of the park.

But it could've been a fun night. Plenty of Midtown's new, straight
young and pretty residents lounged on blankets in between couples and
families, a truck of Sweetwater beer and a few other vending options
off to the side, and a cartoon before the movie. Worth checking out,
if you're not at the drive in with the Drive Invaders!

Next Tuesday, June 24th, it's The Postman Always Rings Twice. July
1st it's The Philadelphia Story.

There's an interesting article on about how the recent
tax cuts aren't all they're cut up to be. So if you're feeling swell
about the extra money in your pocket, I hope you're moving it to
savings. Save now, pay later! Warning - this article is heavy on
math, accounting, and more interesting to those making $100,000
household income:,15114,457263,00.html

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