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Is anyone really surprised?
"The Al Qaeda connection and nuclear weapons issue were the only two
ways that you could link Iraq to an imminent security threat to the
U.S.," notes Greg Thielmann, who retired in September after 25 years
in the State Department, the last four in the Bureau of Intelligence
and Research. "And the administration was grossly distorting the
intelligence on both things."
In other Bush related news, there's an interesting article online
about the flawed logic behind tax cuts and the economy, for those of
you out there who believe in things like tax cuts:,9171,1101030602-454501,00.html?CNN=yes

I went looking for the APD Zone 1 HQ address online so I could go
down there in person, since I was having no luck reaching the elusive
Lieutenant Jones by phone. I stumbled across a complaint/problem form
on the APD web site and decided to add to the pointlessness of the
whole effort and fill it out, detailing the situation with the
roosters and the inability to get Lt. Jones to call me back after a
week of leaving him two messages a day.
The next day I got an email that said they had forwarded my complaint
on to the major in charge of that zone. Nice to know someone actually
reads the stuff!
A few hours later I got a call from Lt. Jones. (A coincidence
perhaps, but I didn't ask.) Officer Jones was not aware of the new
noise ordinance and didn't know what he could do to solve the
problem, all but admitting there's no way in hell I can get an
officer out there on a noise complaint between 10 PM and 6 AM. But he
did say he'd look into the laws and see if there was something he
could find.
"Progress, MAYBE," I thought to myself.
Saturday I was headed out when Pennie, the deaf woman of the rooster
household, noticed me. She waved and signaled in crude sign language
that they had made coops for the roosters and it should be quieter.
"Wow. ACTUAL progress," I thought to myself. "But let's see if I can
really tell a difference tomorrow at 5 AM."
So today, for the first time in months, I was actually able to sleep
to a reasonable hour!
Of course, once they let the damn things out of their coops the
racket is right back to the same level. So I'm torn. They made an
effort, though small and not what I'd hoped. Yet it's still goddamn
irritating to hear these things all day. I can't think, I can't watch
dramatic TV, I can't... well, let's just say it interferes with a lot
of mental processes!
So I might leave them a note that says "Thanks!", yet continue
pursuing the police in hopes that the neighbors are issued a ticket
and maybe they won't think it was me that put the long, slow, arm of
the law up their asses.

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