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There's a funny interview with Berkeley Breathed, creator of Bloom
County, on The Onion with some funny yet painfully true comments like

O: Are there still political issues that incense you?
BB: Nope. Bill Clinton just took all the fun out of this stuff. Even
Trudeau, brilliant as he is, couldn't do anything much with the last
eight years, really. It's like doing a parody of The National
Enquirer. Can't be done. We're over-saturated with commentary and
with absurdity, and we're numb because of it. Nothing shocks, so
what's the fun? And irony, oh, the goddamned irony, that courses
through the popular culture like a cancer. If nothing is serious
anymore, then there's nothing to satirize. Look at George W. Bush. He
knows the game. He knows he's a maroon, as Daffy Duck would say, and
refuses to take himself seriously. He cut off our satirist balls.
We're like a gaggle of eunuchs running around the palace, wishing we
could hump the princess. The game's changed forever.

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