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We finally uploaded the photos from the Scott "Rip Thrillby" Rogers
Memorial/Tribute show:

Saturday we headed south to East Point and East Point Corner Tavern
for their 1 year anniversary, featuring the rootsy retrobilly country
stylings of Sonoramic Commando. They were already playing at 9:30,
tucked in an alcove in the corner while the remnants of a dinner
crowd all but ignored them. But it didn't matter, they played a good
long set with as much gusto as ever.
They took a break as the staff brought out a surprisingly tasty
chocolate cake with a candle 1 stuck in it. No store-bought dry
chalky cake, but a delicious homemade cake, dense and moist.
Sonoramic Commando did another set while we sucked down cake and $2
draft 420 and Stella.
A bit after 11 we headed to Lenny's for the GOP rally - no, not that
GOP, the Georgians Opposed to Prohibition, a marijuana
decriminalization lobbying organization. The event didn't get much
advance press (I only heard about it 4 days in advance, even with the
organizer as a subscriber. What's up with that, degenerate AG?) but a
small, smiling crowd was dancing about as we stepped in. We'd missed
most of the acts and events over the course of the afternoon, but
familiar and friendly faces were still there so we hung around until
The Blue Valentines did their Tom Waits tribute, featuring one of the
most alluring female singers we've ever seen. But soon SW's attention
span was at an end so we wandered off into the night.
The Blue Valentines play August 1 at Echo Lounge.
For more information on the GOP (no, not that GOP), visit the GOP
Lobby's web site at

There is an interesting article on about using cellphone
cameras to "steal" images, as well as other potentially criminal acts:
I have to wonder if LOOKING at a magazine without buying it is
considered "stealing." You're getting the information without paying
for it and currently these low-res cameras don't give you a good
enough image to do much with.
Eventually these magazines will have to admit defeat and go entirely
digital, as we did many years ago, which will only make them even
easier to "steal." Which makes me think Degenerate Press is even
farther ahead of it's time - we've already admitted there's no reason
to charge money for something any idiot can easily steal, replicate,
or do themselves!
In other online news, degenerate JDP sent us this:
** White House brothel ad angers US **
An advertisement for prostitutes placed by a brothel called The White
House riles US officials in New Zealand.

And degenerate AH is jumping on us for things said in previous episodes:
"Seriously, if the President goes to war because of WMD's you'd think
he'd KNOW who's in charge of looking for them after the fact. But
hey, nobody really believes we went to war over this, do we?
As more and more evidence of Saddam's Stalinesque dictatorship
arises, I'm still convinced we did the right thing. It's just too bad
we don't have an administration that would go for the right reason,
or even admit after the fact what they're real reasons are.
But then again American voters haven't been interested in truth in a
long time, so why start now?"

hello? is the the degenerate FN i know? (maybe this was a quote
from someone else -- no matter, i'll rant anyway.)
Bush and Co are murderous tyrants. they cast aside the will of the
world's population, trashed vital international norms of negotiation
and diplomacy, set obscene new standards of aggression and
militarism, and killed more than 10,000 people in the process.

and now we're going to offer up lame apologetics on their behalf?
"we did the right thing"? who is "we" here? i don't claim any
"right" was done, nor that any of it was done on my behalf. we need
to be nailing Bush and Co to the wall on each and every lie that is
"revealed" pitifully late. get the bums out of office and put them
on trial.
Degenerate AH

(Editor's note - if we don't specify who said it, it's your
editor-in-chief, degenerate FN.)

And now, for something completely different.
Lazy summer Sunday, hot, sticky, morning after a stormy night of
stroboscopic explosions and rain.
More rain, Christ, will the rain ever stop? The yard is all mud and
mosquitoes, both of them thick and clingy.
The Thunderbird leaks and the A/C doesn't work so back to the shop it
goes. We can't afford to fix both.
Hmmm, let the car rust and mildew, but ride in cool comfort, or stop
the leaks and swelter?
It's back to walking and mass transit, feet soft and weak after many
months of inactivity, too much rain and too little motivation to use
Brunch at Gato Bizco, sweet and syrupy or salty and spicy? Mildly
hungover stomach can't handle both, but they both sound good.
The Sunday paper screams headlines in flashes as other patrons turn
pages - Iraq, Iran, Liberia, all coincidentally compressed against
the "Faith & Values" section - does anyone else notice? It's faith
and values that have put Iran, Iraq, and Liberia in the headlines of
the other sections, yet the paper doesn't seem to mind reporting on
the effects in one section while pushing the causes in the next.
"Onward (insert faith and value of the moment here) soldiers,
marching as to war."
Turn away from the paper, go back to ogling the flashes of flesh that
walk past the window.
Spectacular J-Lo-style ass bounces by one direction.
Low cut shirt, tan skin slides the other way.
A blonde over here.
A girl in shorts with the long, skinny legs of a teenager over there.
A shirt pulled tight across jutting breasts. Puffy lips, slightly parted.
For the straight male, it's all a jumble of body parts, rarely
considered as a whole. It's not that I don't consider women as
people/equals/whatever the feminists would like me to think, it's
just that I don't CARE. I'm just looking through glass windows, not
placing glass ceilings over qualified candidates and promoting less
competent male competitors. Animal instincts still dictate where the
eyes travel, searching out possible threats and potential pleasures.
But fortunately with enough coffee we shall overcome, some days,
these instincts and let the mind take over, after the initial ogle,
and perhaps let some rational thought emerge.
Forget the newspaper nightmares and fleshy fantasies,
the French toast is here.

Eh, maybe I should've gone the salty and spicy route.

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