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I'd forgotten the pleasures of mass transit these last few years of
car ownership and jobs in places difficult to reach on MARTA. But
with the T-bird in the shop, it's all coming back to me - long waits
between trains, trains stopping for no apparent reason, long waits
for busses, long walks from the closest bus stop...
Those things are a comparative joy to the nightmare that is the
inevitable overheard conversations of the masses in transit.
Person A - "I can't believe we let these people into this country!"
Person B - "Don't worry, it ain't gonna be happening much longer."
And people on the left wonder why the Republicans are in office?
Fear and loathing, as Hunter S. Thompson put it so well.
Person B is a minority who right wing leaders have had less than
friendly relations with. Yet here he is complaining about other
There's a long-standing joke about what MARTA, Metro Atlanta Rapid
Transit Authority, * actually * stands for, but it needs rewriting -
Moving Assholes Relentlessly Throughout Atlanta.
Person A - "They closed the whole plant where my brother works and
they want to let these people in here to take our jobs?"
And which end of the political spectrum votes against unions and
workers' rights, while promoting the laissez-faire capitalism that
sends these factories overseas?
And don't you think "these people" are going to want the goods
produced at your brother's plant?
It's almost funny to me that the people voicing these opinions are
clearly of an economic status that would seem to be at odds with the
Right. Person A clearly can't afford the SUV to drive to work,
despite the tax breaks for buying such beasts. (Even John Cougar
Mellencamp recently said in an interview that he thinks most of the
Republicans today can't afford to BE Republicans.)
Eh, all pointless arguments in the face of such closed-mindedness,
but Gary Trudeau recently pointed out the weakness of open-minded
In other online jokes, this one has made the rounds so often it's
even appeared on, but in case you missed it, it's worth
1) Go to;
2) Type in (but don't hit return): "weapons of mass destruction"
3) Hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button, instead of the normal "Google
4) Read what appears to be a normal error message carefully.
We caught Charlie's Angles 2 at the drive in last night and already
I can barely remember it. Something about Demi as a former angel
gone bad, but, as SW put it, "Who needs plot when you got twat?"
Unfortunately, all the sexual content was implied, though the
violence was quite the opposite - explicit and excessively
exaggerated to the point of Matrix-style cartoonishness. Ah, empty
calories - fun while you eat it but later you can't remember why.

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