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But you can give 'em to the birds and bees. Degenerate Press has just
completed work on the first effort we're actually trying to get
published "for real", as in not online, not with our crappy little
desktop printer for a pittance, but something that would actually
appear on shelves in stores where real people actually exchange real
money (or plastic money) for real products:

Identity Crisis is a strategic card game that makes fun of life, and
attempts to make life fun.
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If you're interested in owning a limited edition pre-mass-publication
version, you can purchase one for $12. Hell, we'lleven autograph it
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Meanwhile, if you know anyone on the inside at a large game
publishing company, contact us. We're shopping it around at this very
moment, but it'd be nice to have a toe in someone's door.

In other DP efforts, we may not have mentioned that we recently put
together the official Tease-O-Rama site:
Degenerate FN did the layout and titles and such in exchange for
admission to the show, so we'll be headed to L.A. in October for
another weekend of burlesque debauchery!

Bowing to intense pressure from a still-swelling intown loft market,
the owners of the historic Clermont Hotel -- including its beloved
downstairs strip club -- are in the process of selling the Ponce de
Leon landmark.

Friday I headed across town to the Earl early enough for a pre-show
beverage and socializing. A few hi-how-are-you's later, The Forty
Fives came on stage for a sweaty set of their usual 60's Cavern Club
garage rock, fine stuff but I was surprised to see them as the
opening act. But it made for an energetic kick-off for the evening so
by the end of their set I had plenty of motivation to stick around.
I hadn't seen The Subsonics in a long time. They took a break for a
while and I just haven't caught them since they've started playing
again. Maybe in the past I've only seen them as a late night
headliner when I was sloppy drunk, but I don't remember them being
such a sloppy band. It's sloppy in a good way, I just didn't remember
it being quite as off-kilter. Clay's guitar work all completely
ignores the rhythm section from time to time, sort of like John Lee
Hooker doing Velvet Underground tunes with punk attitude and energy.
Weird, wild stuff, Johnny Carson would say.
The room was packed for the headline act, The Woggles. I was happy to
see a crowd, particularly after the empty room for their appearance
at Bubbapalooza only a few weeks back. As always, they put on a great
show of go-go-garage rock that made the crowd shake and shimmy wall
to wall. Somewhere mid-set they announced the proceeds from the show
were going to some diabetes foundation in honor of their fallen
guitarist, Montegue. They wrapped up their encore with a tribute to
him, "Do the Montegue," and, despite the manic energy of their show,
seemed somewhat somber as they headed off stage and didn't come out
for the second encore that much of the crowd yelled for.
Another great, yet teary-eyed show.
Speaking of, we got this from a new subscriber, degenerate RL,
regarding our review of the Scott Rogers tribute show:

Job well done, the review of Scott's tribute at the echo was very nicely done. I was fortunate to have been part of the show and it ran like a well oiled machine. My thanks go out to the people at the echo, especially Blaze, for doing an outstanding job on miking my drums up and getting that big fat sound out of them. I'm rick, and I play the drums for the XRays, it was a real honor to supply my kit for all the other fellow drummers. And I can't describe in words how special it feels to be part of an event like this was. It was a real thrill to take the stage with the Penetrators again under the circumstances. Scott will always live on thru his and the Penetrators music, and it is even more special now when spinning their cds ,and better yet being able to play their music in my band. It's a true story that about the XRays being the first band to cover a Penetrators song,and Rip was thrilled by it when we did Wind Beneath My Kilt. This time when we did their covers it sent a chill thru me,like he was there off to the side with his Pabst blue ribbon soaking it in, enjoying all the dripping reverb and twang. . I also play for the Hula Hounds,we're a studio project with another cd in the works, and plan on remembering Scott with Lamento A Go Go, or Southern Surf Syndicate,a tough choice to make. I also want to take this time to say thanks to Greg and Lee for doing everything they did for putting together a truly special show. My hats off to everyone involved.

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