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We got an EP from "tee-m", Tariq Mirza, and normally we wouldn't
review an EP from out of town but it's a slow news week and we're not
scared to admit it. Ah, the joys of alternative press...
Anyhow, tee-m is playing this Friday at Daily's as part of the
Atlantis Music Conference, so there's your local tie-in. The first
tune on the CD, Aao Aao Aao, made me wonder if I hadn't been sent a
Japanese import by accident since it kicks off with some foreign
tongue. According to the accompanying materials, Tariq grew up in
Pakistan, so it just shows my ignorance that couldn't Japanese
from... whatever it is they speak in Pakistan. Hey, if we ain't
bombed them yet they must not be important, right? And besides, he
switches over to English after the opening so there's no reason to
care what his native tongue is!
Wait, is this the Blasphemy section? Did David T. Lindsay take over Ear Plugs?
This is what you get when your editor has to pick up a family member
at the airport at midnight on a work night.
So the CD starts off with Aao Aao Aao, a tune with acoustic guitar
and vocal harmonies and a super catchy hook. I'm vaguely reminded of
some of George Harisson's work in some moments of the 4 song EP. Good
stuff if you like the occasional soft edge. I wish there was a full
CD here instead of just the sampler. tee-m comes to Atlanta from
California so if you're out looking for some good, low-key music
definitely check them out.

Bush is against it.
What's left of the Pope is against it.
But what I don't get is WHY. No, I know what they SAY, I just don't
know why they say it.
"It's against the will of God!"
Um... is this the same all-powerful one? If it's against his will then
don't you think he could stop it?
"He gave us free will so we could decide!"
Um... then shouldn't each person make their own decisions? Isn't that
what god-given free will is all about?
And if you whip out the AIDS argument I want you to use it on the
children born with it, the people who caught it through blood
transfusions, and the straight married people with it.

In other depressing news:
"After a brief reprieve, the Volkswagen Beetle, the original version,
faces extinction today. Volkswagen's plant in Mexico -- the only one
in the world that still makes the old-style Beetle -- finishes one
last gussied-up retro edition of the plucky, curvacious little car,
ending the model's 70-year run."

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