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You didn't have to tell ME, but maybe some science will convince the doubtful:
In other news, there's an interesting article on that shows
you how the good ol' boy network works in politics and big business,
specifically regarding the Bushes:
I don't think politicians and CEO's on the left end of the spectrum
work any differently, but it's interesting to have all my suspicions
And last, UPN is doing a show about, no kidding, "Shelly Williams."
The weird thing is I didn't know my girlfriend was black, much less a
hip-hop artist:

"EVE stars Grammy Award-winning Hip-Hop sensation Eve ("Barbershop")
as Shelly, a beautiful and intelligent woman of the new generation
trying to navigate the exhilarating world of 21st century love, sex,
romance and career. Strong and confident, Shelly brings a fresh
attitude to the male/female equation and coolly expects to receive
just as much as she gives. Ali Landry ("Spy TV") stars as Rita, and
Natalie Desselle ("For Your Love") stars as Janie, Shelly's two best
friends who offer conflicting advice as Shelly tries to find her way
on the rocky road to love. Also advising Shelly is their ultra-hip
and handsome friend Donovan (Eddie McClintock, "Stark Raving Mad")
who seems to know all the right people and places to go. Representing
the male side of the relationship equation, there's J.T. (Jason
George), a handsome, regular kind of guy who really enjoys being
single. Then there's his best pal, Nick, (Brian Hooks, "The
Chatroom") who is looking for that one perfect woman who can meet his
very exacting standards. EVE examines a real and relatable
male/female relationship from each side in an innovative, witty and
amorous look at the battles of the sexes."

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