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Katy Graves of Catfight! sent us this retort regarding last episode:

I must protest about our material not changing--we deliberately did older stuff for the Rip Tribute, we have a new CD recorded of all new stuff, and several other new songs in addition to that! We do play a lot of old stuff, it's true, but we have been working on lots of new songs, so come check them out on the 19th when we play with the Gossip! How cool was that when the Penetrators played with the cd of Scott? I couldn't watch them because it was freaking me out, had to listen from backstage, but I came out for that.

Tuesday we hit the drive in and detoured around the weekly Drive
Invasion vote (T3) to catch the movie we missed at last week's
invasion, 28 Days Later.
It's a zombie movie in the tradition of Night of the Comet - empty
streets interrupted by occasional attacking zombies - but with the
tension of Night of the Living Dead. The big difference are the
cinematography and the zombies themselves.
Both are considerably faster than their Living Dead predecessors. The
action sequences are cut up and dark, much like Gladiator, though
it's a bit easier to see what's happening. And the zombies don't move
at the snail's pace set by many previous zombie movies. Instead of
the slow, inevitable tide of undead you get them charging at a full
sprint, wailing in rage. It's a good zombie movie, as zombie movies
go, definitely worth seeing.

Ranch dressing,
Ranch houses,
Ranchers in the white house,
Is it any wonder the U.S. is one big shootin' match?
Remote control TV,
Remote control AC,
Remote controlled populace,
Is it any wonder we are fat and lazy?
Fast cars, fast access, fast cash, fast women,
Who has time to care, time to wonder, time to think?
I'm bored.
Change the channel.

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