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"A federal judge sentenced a man to a year in prison Monday for
creating an anarchist Web site with links to sites on how to build
bombs. "
First, I have to wonder about the free speech issues around this.
"Austin must also pay a $2,000 fine and is barred for three years
from using a computer without approval. Wilson said he also may not
associate with anyone from a group that "espouses physical force as a
means of change.""
Um... such as the U.S. government? Hello? Regime change? Preemptive
strikes?? Is anyone else out there listening???

Last Thursday we hit Echo Lounge for a rare work night of fun.
First up, local roots retro act Sonoramic Commando with their usual
fine fare, this time with the addition of a drummer playing only
snare and nothing more. It added a little finger-snapping beat to the
country/rockabilly sound, but only in minimalist ways. Excellent as
always. Look for their new CD soon.
Next up, James Mathus and His Knockdown Society, or something like
that. Sort of Alman Brothers blues jammy stuff, not bad just not
anything new or improved. It couldn't hold our attention and we snuck
to the back bar for socializing, socialists that we are.
The headliners, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, got on stage a little
after midnight to a less-than-capacity crowd, but you wouldn't know
it from the energy they put into the show. Where punk, country and
rockabilly meet and huff freon, you'll find the Shack Shakers. Over
the top southern racket, and damn fine racket.
(Speaking of southern racket, The Immortal Lee County Killers are in
Europe in September so you Eurodegenerates hit their site for dates
near you:
We got a CD from Milo, "Darkside of the Rumours," in the mail a week
or two ago. It lurked in the bottom of the To Do pile forgotten for a
while but I finally dug it out and gave it a listen or thre. It's
simultaneously pretty and depressing, like a supermodel who smokes.
Good stuff, somewhere between Violent Femmes and Jonathan Richman.
Mostly minimalist with drowsy vocals about cheery topics like a dog
who gets hit by a car or what a great pal misery is. It's good, but
if you're not down when you put it in the player you'll likely be
down by the end of the disc. Blues for the modern age and modern man.

We caught S.W.A.T. at the drive in on Tuesday night. Someone should'a
given a good swat to the writer, a good kick in the butt to the
director, and fired the cinematographer and editor. How the hell can
you make a boring action movie?!?
Start with terrible dialog - expected in an action film, admittedly -
but instead of quick quips, have long, awkward conversations
delivered in a not-quite-good-enough-for-daytime-TV fashion.
Then only have two real action sequences in the entire film, a short
one at the beginning and a long, yet not too intense one at the end.
While you're at it, rip these sequences right out of good action
films, but do them poorly. Chop up the visuals and do everything
half-lit so that you can't see what the hell is going on.
And above all, make sure every moment is 100% predictable!
That's how you make a boring action film. And that's S.W.A.T.

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