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And <poof> summer is almost over.
What the hell?
Seems like all summer I was preparing for summer activities -
camping, swimming, etc., but never actually getting around to them.
The most rain we've had in decades had a lot to do with it. Having a
real job again had as big a part to play too. Conflicting social
schedules prevented many a weekend away as well.
So last weekend I'm sitting in the river (for only the second time
all damn year) enjoying a cold beer and the poplar leaves, always the
first to go, are already leaping to their deaths, signaling the
inevitable change of season. The northern hemisphere is turning to
hide its face from the sun and though some can't take the heat, I'm
ok with long days and warm nights.
But now Labor Day is suddenly upon me while I lounged, thinking it
was still weeks away.
On the plus side, it's time for the Drive Invasion. I even have old
friends coming from out of town coming just for the event. Degenerate BM promised me a free pass to Drag On Con (what's up, BM?
Long time no hear! You still interested in trying to convince me it's
not a black hole of capitalism?).
In September your tax dollars are sending yours truly off to San Fran
for a week of frolic cleverly disguised as a computer conference
(hey, I might even learn something (and it might even be about
computers (and might not even be about online porn!)))
October takes Degenerate Press staffers to L.A. for Tease-O-Rama and
on to San Diego and other points Californian for random wandering. My birthday, Halloween, New Year's Eve and suddenly, as quickly as
summer was gone, the whole damn year vanishes in a haze.
Crap, where does the time go? Didn't I mean to do some camping? Get
my game put on the market? Update the Ear Plugs gallery? Catch up on
some reading? Have more sex? Drink more? Hang out with friends more?
Write more? See more shows? Eat more pork?
Ack, this working for a living thing sucks and the whole mortality
game is a drag and what the hell good is sleep anyway? I ain't got
time for that!
Meh. Anything good on TV tonight?

Kenny Howes sent out this bit of news for you schizophrenic music
fans (or fans of schizophrenic music):

Man oh man.
Rock over London, rock over Chicago,

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