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Compiled from two notebooks, hundreds of digital photos and three
rolls of film comes our most extensive travel report in a long time,
complete with interactive panoramic photos, animated images, and the
usual rambling commentary!
Damn, I'm good.

It is upon us. High school marching bands already sound the death
knell of summer. It's too cool at night to leave the windows on and
rarely do we turn on the A/C. The leaves have begun turn shades of
gold, red and brown. People sigh and talk about how nice it is out. Fucking fall. Long-time subscribers know I hate fall. It signals the inevitable
onset of winter, my least favorite season, but more importantly it's
not summer anymore - no more hot days at the river (though I barely
got a couple of trips in this year), no more warm nights, no more
nearly-naked clothing styles. I get in a funk about now every year,
but there's nothing to be done about it but endure, try to find
enough fun to distract myself, and wonder why I didn't move to Miami
like my father.
So send us some worthy events, naked photos, and other distractions
so that we, as a people, can get to the promised land - spring.

We caught Once Upon a Time in Mexico at the drive in on Tuesday. It's
a perfect drive in flick, full of big explosions, characters that are
more like caricatures, and an ensemble cast of impressive names. I
enjoyed the action, could've used a lot more Salma, and got quite a
few laughs, usually for the right reasons. Definitely worth seeing.

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