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We've gotten a few responses in favor of having a Halloween party,
most leaning toward Saturday night, November 1, All Saints Day, but
the response hasn't been what I hoped. C'mon, where's the party
people in da hiz-ouse?!? Christ, it sounds like more fun than the
costume party at the nudist colony, Serendipity Park! No, I ain't
making this up,
The difference is if you show up at our Halloween party without a
costume you WILL be considered brave!

After some Florida-style vote counting, Suellen and I finally got our
way and Bad Boyz II was the weekly pick at the drive in. I enjoyed
the first one, so I was looking forward to the sequel. II continues
in the same vein - lots of bang bang boom and some funny interactions
between Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. There's a spectacular car
chase or three and they've pushed the edge a bit in tasteless
violence, gore, and hard-to-believe action sequences. Things were
going great until they built up for the grande finale, then they push
the hard-to-believe factor too far and go for a Bay of Pigs style
invasion of Cuba full of so many impossibilities I had a hard time
suspending my disbelief long enough to just enjoy the ride.
And the film doesn't even need another big action sequence - there is
more than enough before the big ending. It feels a bit too long by
the end, something you should never feel in an action film.

Last episode we mentioned Midtown Art Cinema. They're having some
great movies in October, check 'em out at
where you can also enter to win a bunch of free stuff.

At the big Drive Invasion over Labor Day weekend, Sonoramic Commando
handed me an advance copy of their new CD, Happy Motoring! For some
reason (alcohol), I immediately misplaced it and haven't seen it
since, despite repeated searches. But the strategy paid off in the
form of a new CD, complete with a real cover and jewel case.
I popped it in the CD player this morning and got the expected super
clean, minimalist music of a bygone era, back before the divide
opened up between country and rock. Great music performed by talented
guys who happen to be genuinely nice guys on top of everything else.
Their skills and tunes come through on the CD with only one problem -
it just ain't mixed quite right. It's 90% there, but Rodney's voice
gets lost in there somewhere and comes through a bit thin. With music
this rootsy, this stripped-down, the vocals should have you by the
short hairs, forcing the lyrics deep into your soul. Instead, I had
to strain to catch the words on this mix. Chad's perfect guitar work
comes through great and the backup harmonies sound good, but somehow
the acoustic guitar almost drowns out Rodney's vocals. But the last
few tracks seem to get the mix right and it's great music worth
buying. Catch them live tomorrow, Friday, at The Earl, along with The
Hiss and DJ Ballz Deep as part of the Best of Atlanta party,
organized by the Loaf. Sonoramic Commando have hustled up a pedal
steel player just for the occasion and have added minimalist drums to
their live act, so it should be another great show.

Speaking of, the Clermont Lounge was featured repeatedly in the
Loafing's Best Of listings. Now has an article on Atlanta
strip clubs and what it's like to be a woman visiting them, with
extensive coverage of the Clermont Lounge:

I know there's a couple degenerates out in Douglasville. Catch Mudcat
this Saturday at Blue Note West. Heck, even us intowners might have
to start driving out there to see 'em since you can squeeze in
edgewise at Northside Tavern any more.

This is one of the funniest strips I've seen in a long time,
particularly if you read through the hate mail the author receives
and has clearly worked into the strip:
It's worth reading all 122 episodes!
Meanwhile, you knew the Bush administration was big on spin,
propaganda, image, and purty pictures in the backdrop, right? "The American Civil Liberties Union asked the federal courts Tuesday
to prevent the U.S. Secret Service from keeping anti-Bush protesters
far away from presidential appearances while allowing supporters to
display their messages up close."

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