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Last episode generated a few responses:

Haw haw haw... Loved your Jillian Ann story. I actually met Jillian
Ann for an "interview" yesterday (Wednesday, 8/27) after The Cogburns
show at the Star Bar. Teri Oldknow and I went down to the Majestic
for a 2:00am breakfast to talk with her, and Jillian surprised us
both by being a BLAST to hang out with. Jillian's friend Allison
came along with her, another delightful 20 something cutie. We
talked for hours on many different subjects. It is a shame Jillian's
NEVERLAND CD (what... recorded at Michael Jackson's?) seems to lean
more to not-so-mysterious electronica. She'd probably do much better
going all out "corporate" pop (which she dislikes), trying punk
(which she loves) perhaps producing movie soundtracks or sticking to
her impressive classically trained roots. NEVERLAND not
withstanding, now and then you meet a young person who is charming,
intelligent (book smart AND street smart) and very creative... it
actually instills a flicker of optimism for the future of this
planet. Her mind is surely as sharp as her good looks. Glad to say
we made a very nice new friend.
Degenerate DS
PS The Cogburns will be performing at the ECHO on Saturday, 9/6, with
Ted Weldon sitting in for a couple or three TRUCKADELIC tunes. We
all know that Truckadelic purists are going to excoriate us for this
(myself included, ha ha), but we're gonna do it anyway. Amy Pike and
TLCB headline, plus the return of CAROLINE & The Ramblers. Should be
fun... c'mon down?!

>>So you can add her to the ever-growing list of women I'd love to
>>see more of, but don't want to hear more of. Now if we could only
>>get these pretty pop divas to lay off the lousy music and soft-core
>>imagery and get Brittany, Christina, Jewel, Shakira, Shania,
>>Mariah, The Dixie Chicks, etc. to shut up and do hard core porn...<<

ROFL!!!!! This just made me spit coffee through my nose, thank you!
Somebody really needed to say this. :)
I don't get that whole thing anyhow... in my personal experience it
seems like a LOT more work for a woman to keep up with the latest
hair, clothing and makeup trends, get fake boobs, and give blowjobs
to the local press, than to just LEARN TO ACTUALLY PLAY AN INSTRUMENT
and make DECENT MUSIC!! :)
Degenerate LF

No, attachments here, my friend. I'm afraid my solid frame and acceptable looks at 38 would reflect my work like poor Jillian Ann's slender performance. It portrays me as steady, reliable, predictable and sufficiently efficient. But the fact that I don't need a photo to market myself might be its own presentation. I'm off on a new course of my own lately. Ahhh, what is attractive about the pursuit of finding one's completed self? Somewhere someone said something about being so-and-so's wife, Junior's mother, Senior's daughter, Widget Company's employee, etc. etc. etc. Somehow, I don't care how life defines me. I just want to press on with some miniscule amount of dignity. There is a life defining moment. I know it's there and I'm trying like hell to figure out what it was. Surely it's not this week's foray into bunco and a new tennis season masquerading as suburban social-dom. In youth, I toiled with my Mom on Saturday mornings cleaning house and cooking for the following week. She seized my being like a rip tide into a sea of transcendentalism. She churned the teachings of Gandhi, Thoreau and MLK Jr. into my soul. She passed down tolerance and faith. She emblazoned me with pride while avoiding instilling too much humility. She taught me to be spiritual without being overly religious. I quite literally accused her of pontificating. Perhaps, my defining moment was not a moment at all, but a driving force found quite unexpectedly in her teachings.
Degenerate SS

Somehow this review got lost in transmission a couple of weeks back: Tuesday we joined the other Drive Invaders at Starlight Drive In for Freddy Vs. Jason, the horror romp coincidentally named after yours truly and my only brother. Fans of either of the characters weren't disappointed in the film, but this genre stopped being scary about the time I graduated high school and only recently has it migrated from horror to humor. As such, we noted several jokes that would have been hilarious that were omitted, such as when Freddy is knocking the tops off of compressed gas tanks and firing them at Jason, a slo-mo Matrix-style dodge really would've made the scene. Or when Freddy pokes his bladed fingers into Jason's eyes, the classic Three Stooges defense would've been perfect, even better if he'd done it with his machete. If, like me, you're not a fan of this genre, this film is somewhat disappointing. There's not a scary moment in the film, not even momentarily startling. The special effects are ok, and the occasional bit of naked flesh was nice (I really wanted to see the lead girl, breasty Monica Keena, at least semi-nude at least once, but all nudity is limited to secondary characters). I got a lot more laughs out of the recent Mondo Movie feature "Bugs" than Freddy or Jason, and more action and thrills out of T3. In the end, the best thing we could say about Freddy Vs. Jason was "It was better than SWAT." And that ain't saying much.

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