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Thus far, the only details on 9 Lives’ closure I’ve heard are “It was sold.” I’ve gotten a lot of conjecture, but nothing I’d consider reliable, such as this effort to implicate the Inman Park Neighborhood Association and John Kerry:

What is up fellas!! Not long to go before one of the idiots get's elected. As far as the Nine lives I was in midtown music the other day and Ted from Nine Lives is working there now. If you do not know midtown music is a little hole in the wall guitar shop that sells only great vintage gear and is owned buy Dave a great guy. But, yeah there was Ted behind the counter at first I thought he was just hanging out but as I kept going back over the next few days he was still behind the counter. It is sad to hear the Nine lives closed. Now I guess that the inman park residential evil society will be happy about another fallen Rock joint. I bet the Inman Park society are Kerry supporters..Anyway just letting you know what i know..Keep up the good work and be on the lookout for my new band coming soon The Wayne Gacy promises to be a barrell of laughs..It sucks because we were planning on playing the Nine lives a bunch..Let's hope another music venue can come into L5P..can you keep us up to date on whats going to happen to that location in L5P..thank so much
Degenerate KH

In more sane pastures, local label Daemon Records sent us The Great Unknowns' CD, Presenting The Great Unknowns. It's that kind of heartfelt alt-country stuff that I can't usually stomach. I don't want my music to come from the heart, speak to the soul, or spark my intellect. No, I want it to make my balls shake, dammit. But this CD has some great songs and they're done so well I could almost listen to it multiple times. Becky Warren has a slightly worn voice, reminding me of Bonnie Raitt, and she's backed up with quiet harmonies and nice melodies. If you like rootsy alt-country stuff you'll probably adore this. Heck, even I almost like it.
You can catch The Great Unknowns Saturday, December 11, at Echo Lounge as part of a Daemon Records showcase featuring Amy Ray, Nineteen Forty-Five, Snow Machine, with My Siamese Self, and Athens Boys Choir. Portion of proceeds benefit SisterLove

We had a swell birthday weekend, including a fantastic show by El Vez and some Hulaween hilarity with Tongo Hiti. Unfortunately, we’re working hard on the whirlwind southwest tour review, so we might never get around to a review of last weekend. Ah well, you should’a been there. Stay tuned for the wild wild West wrap up, coming to a web site near you.
Oh, and tune in to 89.3, WRFG, this Thursday, October 28, from 7-9 PM. Your editor will be volunteering, taking calls for the pledge drive and occasionally getting a word in edge-wise on air during the swell ol' time country and western show. If you can't pick up 89.3 in your area, log on and listen online at


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