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I know some publications still kill trees to get their message out. Sure, itís nice to have some thing you can actually hold in your hand, but somehow I can't go back to that old print cycle. I don't like to get my stuff ready weeks or months in advance, I don't like dealing with word counts, I don't like worrying about offending advertisers, and it takes more electricity to create the paper garbage than this electronic garbage (not to mention the gas to deliver the goods.) For us, electric degeneration is where it's at.
But apparently a lot of record labels don't understand this or aren't paying attention. I get advance copies of CD's so far in advance I often forget to review them, putting them in a heap to review closer to their release date where they get lost in the piles of debris that function as Degenerate Press HQ. So listen up, record company PR folks Ė Iím on a modern schedule here. I donít have to deal with antiquated print deadlines. I donít need anything two months in advance. Two weeks should do it.
We got Magnapop's new CD, Mouthfeel, something like a month ago and it's not due to be released until late January. What the hell? If I can get a copy - not even a crummy, no-artwork demo version but the real deal, why can't others? But I noticed they're playing this week so I decided to get the CD review out of the way now.
Magnapop are a local 4 piece that play, according to their propaganda, "pop-core." You'd think with a name like that and lines like that in their press kit you'd get sticky sweet pop stuff. But no, it's pretty much what you'd call rock. Sure, there are poppy hooks, harmonies, and there's a soft female lead up front, but the guitar work is fuzzy and loud and in your face on many of the tracks - a good thing in our book. Or ezineÖ
They've mastered the whisper to a scream contrast, at least in guitar volume if not vocals, that makes a lot of rock grab your attention. I was reminded of former local girls Ultrababyfat on a couple of numbers. There's nothing really new and exciting hear, but it's a pleasant listen. If you like to rock, but not too hard, you should probably check 'em out at The Earl this Friday, with Brain Box, and The Deadeners.
Coming next episode: The Degenerate Press Best of Atlanta! Oh Ė wait Ė was that supposed to be the Year In Review? A very special Christmas Electric Degeneration? Ahh screw it, how about more of the usual?

A phrase I didn't think I'd ever see in the news:
"He pushed Posh and Becks over. It caused some damage but we don't know how much. The baby Jesus is fine," said a spokeswoman for Madame Tussaud's waxwork museum in London on Monday.

And from degenerate MB:
i don't know if you have seen this site yet. I heard an interview on Air America with the founder of the site. It's quite empowering to know so many people are out there. AND to see some of the "apologies accepted" from around the world...
If you were as disappointed as I was with the election results, you need to see this.

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