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Sheesh, there were some great shows to chose from last weekend – and we didn’t get to a single one of ‘em. It’s impossible to cram in all the holiday parties themselves, much less them and a sampling of the abundance of live music the weekend offered. So if you’ve got a report, send it in. We’re busily preparing for the hurdle between us and New Years that is the holiday some folks call Christmas, so you probably won’t get much of the usual reporting out of us for a bit. Once we’ve cleared Consumass off the To Do list, we’re headed south for two New Year’s countdowns in a single night in the Redneck Riviera of the Florida panhandle. Hopefully some of our subscribers (yes, that means you) will send us reviews of what we miss here in town while we’re gallivanting across the time zones so we can kick the New Year off with some swell tales of debauchery and degeneration.

We caught a screening of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou last week. It’s a cute film with Bill Murray’s deadpan humor taking center stage. The special effects are particularly special, avoiding the efforts at computer generated reality in favor of hokey exaggeration and cartoonish fantasy, something lacking in most films. There are several portions of the film where you wonder if the cinematography is supposed to imply that all the documentaries the characters star in are faked, or if the filmmakers have opted to abandon the traditional film reality in favor of something slightly more subjective. It’s interesting while being funny at the same time. Worth seeing if you like something a little on the quirky side, but not the quirky everyman stories that have become all the rage with Gen X/Y slackers lately. Instead, you get Bill Murray as a washed up Jaques Cousteau wannabee, roaming the oceans like a neurotic playboy. It’s pretty much how I imagine I’d spend my time were I rich and bored. And this is probably the film that would result from it – nothing too spectacular, but just imaginative and funny enough to be watchable.

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