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A new subscriber/contributor put this swell review together from the xmas show at the Star Bar: 

In other news, I’ve gotten some email from a few folks asking me to list their shows at Underground Atlanta. Though there are bands I’d recommend seeing that are performing their New Year’s Eve and beyond, and it sounds like some of the clubs could be worth a visit, I will never list or recommend any event at Underground. Why?
Well, for starters there’s the fact that it’s Underground – a glorified shopping mall, sterile and filled with chain stores and fast food.
There’s the fact that you gotta pay for parking, or MARTA (which doesn’t run late enough), or pay for a cab.
There’s the crowd – tourists, mall-walkers, urban youth who won’t find the clubs to their liking, basically a lot of folks I try to avoid.
But most of all you can blame/thank the Atlanta City Council. Underground, owned by the city, has a special exemption from the council’s law regarding last call, cut back to 2:30 AM at the beginning of 2004. Nowhere else in the city is allowed this exemption, but Underground gets to serve and keep it’s doors open until something like 4 AM. As far as I’m concerned, whether it was conspiratorial or not, it’s goddamn blackmail and graft. “Sure, you can party ‘til 4 AM in Atlanta – as long as the city is making an extra buck!”
(As if the licensing and taxes surrounding the bar biz weren’t generating enough income…)
The funny thing is one of the justifications around the change in closing hours for the rest of the city was the lack of funds for adequate police, but you can damn well bet Underground won’t suffer from a shortage of Atlanta’s finest.
The sad/ironic thing is the number of clubs that were shut down by the new closing times that have relocated or opened a new venue in Underground.
So until the city council lifts the curfew that is slowly killing the night life in this town, I won’t set foot in Underground and I encourage the rest of you to vote – with your wallets.
Or, to quote Jim Stacy from this week’s Loafing, “Fuck Underground.”

Speaking of the death of Atlanta’s nightlife, we got this from degenerate SG:
“There may be something to that Echo rumor... heard anything?
The schedule is looking pretty sparse. “

Now that you mention it, their online calendar only has New Years and the Kingsized show on January 8th:
Add to that the lack of alcohol (or license to serve it) the last several times we’ve visited and I, too, begin to wonder…

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