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I found this punny little quote appropriate to the tale:
“Holland lies so low they’re only saved by being dammed.”
Thomas Hood, from Up the Rhine, To Rebecca Page, 1839

Degenerate SW wrote this review:
Succumbing to the publicity and build up, we broke down and saw “Monster” at Midtown Art Cinema. While the movie is flawed, goddam that Charlize Theron is wonderful! I wondered if all the hype was just hype or if there was truth to her “mesmerizing” performance. I gotta admit she’s earned some well-deserved praise. For those of you who live in a cave, the beautiful Theron underwent a physical transformation to play real life serial killer Aileen Wuornos. And the result is compelling. There are a couple of moments when you can see the beauty of Theron through the makeup and latex, but overall you’re convinced that she is an ugly, desperate, sociopathic woman. The film portrays Wuornos as half-victim, half-predator yet all human. The director’s intent is to illustrate the complexities of human nature and endurance. How does someone become a monster and if society casts them off as such, is it really possible for a human to be pure evil? What lead to their collapse of human decency? Are there redeeming qualities to a so-called monster? It’s delivered a bit heavy-handed and the film drags at times, but it’s hard to take your eyes off Theron. Maybe it’s because we know that underneath the bad skin and stained teeth there is a beautiful woman – perhaps that’s the filmmakers true intent. To examine what lies beneath the surface. Whatever the cause, the result is an impressive, gripping movie that’s hard to shake.

After seeing Monster, we trekked upstairs to Dupree’s for what we thought would be a casual evening of distraction over some beers and billiards, only to find the place in something of a dour mood. “It’s our last night,” said the bartender.
“You haven’t heard? We’re changing owners. The new owner says they’re not going to change much at first, but…”
Our usual bartender was quitting and there was some doubt as to what might become of the place.

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