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The 500th GI killed in Iraq! Tell ‘em what he’s won, Rod!
He's won a body bag, made with genuine petroleum products! Petroleum, the one true motive behind all your invasion needs! When they say “WMD”, you say “OIL!”
He’s also won a free trip to the United States, courtesy of commander in chief George W. Bush.
And an all-expenses-paid military burial, thanks the US taxpayers who screamed for blood post-9/11, anybody’s blood at all!
But wait, that’s not all! Untold thousands of Iraqis get killed! That’s right, we’ll never know how many have been killed, courtesy of spin control by people like Karl Rove.
What else? Millions of Americans cower in fear! Fear, brought to you by the extreme right. When you need a nation to give up all it’s freedoms and rights, vote Republican!
This prize package is worth four more years of corporate freedom and taxes for all but the ultra wealthy, at the expense of individual liberty and justice for all!

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