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Degenerate KH sent us this:

HEY I LIKE YOU GUYS> But I sure as hell would not vote Democratic. I mean Howie Funbarrels Dean is really making a mockery of that party. Oh no! the voting machines are rigged by the republican party to only vote one way. Boo Hoo! I still say Dean is a Pussy! uuuummmmm! and so are all the rest of the democraps. 500 soldiers dead is not a good thing, I know I used to be in a ranger battalion. That was alot of fun we used to take acid and jump from planes. You can't piss test for that you know! But if if could I would go over there and fight. I mean putting guys behind bars that have killed over 5000,000 people seems like a grand idea. Oh, yeah we've lost 500 that is not good. But, how many American lives have been saved from the terriorist attacks that did not get to happen over here because Bush chose to fight them on thier own soil? Uuuummmm! anyway keep up the good work and keep the laughs rolling. It sure is nice knowing that there are people out there who do no take themselves very seriously. Thank kent

Editor’s response:
I usually leave the debate to those more competant in the area, those who don't let passion enflame them, those who can make logical, fact-based arguments, but this time I can't keep my fingers from doing the talking. So put on your Protection Vs. Thinking cap and duck, I'm going off on this one!
I still say the only person to bring up Dean in this ezine has been you. And if you think “all the rest of the democraps” are pussies why not take potshots at someone like Clark or Kerry? Or tout Bush's military service record to compare and contrast? You wanna talk about a pussy...
But let's shift gears to your other points.
How many American lives have been saved because of the war in Iraq? Well, since there’s no way to prove it I guess both sides can argue this ad infinitum but it’s becoming more and more clear each DAY that the answer is NONE. No weapons of mass destruction, no ties between Saddam and Al Qaeda, no threat to any Americans whatsoever except the soldiers we sent over there on false pretenses!
That being said, I support the effort in Iraq. It’s obvious Saddam was a threat – to people within the borders of Iraq and a few just outside these arbitrary lines. The man was a sonofabitch that needed to be removed. But I wish we’d gone in there with the egalitarian reasons that sent us places like Kosovo.
We did not go to Iraq because of threats to Americans (unless you count American oil and reconstruction profits.)
I fear we’re not only killing American soldiers in this effort (and countless Iraqis), but that for political reasons we’ll pull back sometime this summer, just in time for the campaign trail (as has already been proposed) and leave what was a comparatively non-secular country in a state of ruin with a power vacuum aching to be filled by the very terrorists and extremists you seem to think we are there fighting.
Anyone remember Afghanistan?
So do us a favor and re-up so you can go “protect us.” Meanwhile, I’ll be here doing my best to protect us from another 4 years of this insanity. I fear both efforts are for naught.

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